Here at Reckon we have just forged a strategic alliance with AusDocsOnline, a self-service portal offering trusted legal documents for small, medium and franchise businesses across the country.

Affordable legal documents for your business

Need HR or IT policies? Employment or termination contracts? Trademark or copyright applications? Don’t be a victim of exorbitant lawyer’s fees, just subscribe and download almost any legal document your business needs, cheaply and in one place.

The new Reckon AusDocs offering will equip you with the relevant legal knowledge and tools to ensure you are  compliant with their legal obligations as an employer.

AusDocsOnline’s library contains over 500 quality legal documents, written by qualified lawyers and backed by industry leader LexisNexis Australia. With its broad repository, the service is suited for businesses at various growth stages.

“Workplace legislation  is tougher than ever today. Small businesses are typically unable to afford HR or legal professionals, or the time to review policies, they tend to expose themselves to costly, damaging claims,” said Shaun Locke, National Sales Manager for Reckon ANZ.

“AusDocsOnline provides business owners with quick, easy and affordable access to legal documentation, policies and procedures, enabling them to run better businesses.”

“By alleviating such administrative concerns for small businesses, this will free up time to focus on revenue driving opportunities. At the same time, good employee management with consistently applied procedures and policies can also provide transparency, greater staff satisfaction and higher productivity,” added Locke.

For bookkeepers and financial advisors

Furthermore, the service is ideal for advisors such as accountants, bookkeepers and business consultants who assist small businesses with compliance requirements. For instance, through Reckon AusDocs, accountants can provide legal documents to bundle with tax and compliance work, adding value to the client relationship whilst opening up a new revenue streams.

In addition to legal documentation, AusDocsOnline provides access to affordable professional advice covering workplace and commercial law, as well as services for HR and Industrial relations (IR). Other legal documents available on the portal include partnership and shareholder documents, plus deeds  such as release, separation and confidentiality.

“This partnership with Reckon is an exciting one” said Gary Kendrick Co-Founder and Director of AusDocsOnline.

“In partnership with Reckon we are looking forward to serving small, medium and franchise businesses along with their professional advisors, the accountants, bookkeepers and business advisors, enabling them to strengthen their relationships with their clients, raising the level of knowledge through access to quality legal and compliance services, SMEs will have a more valuable experience with their  advisors.”