Ever needed to search for details about a company that you or a client is considering doing business with? Or needed to check out whether a  car or boat is actually legally allowed to be sold? Weíre now offering a whole host of Corporate, Personal and Land searches at competitive prices through a single search facility to Reckon Docs clients with a trading account.

Ever needed to do a property title search and ended up spending more time looking for an online provider than actually doing the search? You can now do all your searches and company compliance activities in one simple place without needing to hop around to different websites and remember different passwords.

See our video demonstrating the new Reckon Searches service provided through Reckon Docs:

Corporate, personal and land searches

The new Reckon Searches service through Reckon Docs is intuitive and simple – for instance, if you need to do a company search you can simply use the company name or number to retrieve information in a very easy to read format that can be emailed, saved locally or printed.

Land title searches can seem difficult but youíll find it very easy with the online search facility, just put in the information you have and choose what youíd like to receive. You can order plans, council certificates and water services in just a few clicks. The Reckon Searches service offers a complete online service for property certificates required, for both the sale and purchase of land across NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA, NT, WA and TAS.

Added to this, the Reckon Searches service also helps with any mortgage debentures or hire purchases on items not related to land/property. For instance you can now run a search on an individual or company grantor, check on a vehicleís owner or even look up a loan by its register number.

With an ITSA/Bankruptcy search you can browse or request an extract from the National Bankruptcy Database on individuals, and using the Person Locator you can find someone based on their name, phone number, their last known address or even spouse details.

Accessing the new search service through Reckon Docs

If youíre a Reckon Docs client with a trading account you can start using the new searches service right away, and in most cases retrieve information immediately. To get started visit Reckon Docs and select searches once youíve logged in. If youíre not a Reckon Docs client, or unsure if you have a trading account, get in touch with us about using the Reckon Searches service by emailing searches@reckon.com.au