To a crowded room of journalists at the AWS Sumit yesterday, Reckon announced the details of a major update to Reckon One.
The latest release is testament to Reckon’s commitment to innovation, and its focus on developing the Reckon One product to set the bar when it comes to ease of use and affordability. Overall Reckon One has a number of unique features that truly set it apart from competitors.

Sam Allert, Managing Director, Business and Accountants Group, at Reckon says:

“Ease of use is at the heart of Reckon One. Most people don’t want to invest hundreds of hours trying to understand a very complex piece of software to do their accounts. They want to spend that time actually running their business. Reckon One is a game-changer in this respect because its software personalises itself to you, based on a few simple choices you make initially, allowing for a much easier and more pleasant user experience.

“And then there’s the affordability factor. Our system means SME’s can start using Reckon One now, for an extremely affordable price. No gimmicks. No discounts that suddenly revert to higher amounts. The core and add-ons of Reckon One can scale up as your business grows, saving you sometimes hundreds of dollars a year compared to competitors.”

The changes:
As part of the release, Reckon One was upgraded to a new HTML 5 front end so users can now access the system on any device; the user interface of the system has been completely refreshed to radically simplify workflow and ease of use; and an API service has been launched to allow third party developers to link into Reckon One to offer their own applications.

See it in person:
Reckon kicks off its Australia-wide roadshow on 5 May, visiting 22 cities and towns, showcasing the major update to Reckon One, and discussing cloud accounting and technological change. The roadshow provides opportunity for accountants and bookkeepers to interact with the Reckon leadership team to gain knowledge and insight to help add more value to their own, and their clients’ business.

The image below shows the new, visually stunning dashboard.