Life is about trying and enjoying every experience.  My glass is always half full.

I started my business when I lost my job.  As a single migrant mother of three children and no family support, losing your only income source can be quite challenging.  I thought at the time I had two options…. searching for a new job – resume, interview, waiting, rejection – or creating my own.  So, I chose the second option.  The first year of my trading I looked at my financial results and realised that I had doubled the income I was receiving as an employee.  I could not believe it.  How did I not do this before?  I enjoyed what I was doing and was getting paid for it!

I discovered Reckon in 1995 (better known as QuickBooks in these days) and started working with it.  My accounting knowledge became useful.  In 2000 GST hit the Australian businesses.  It was great as I was born and bred with TVA (the french version of GST – far more complicated) What an opportunity!

I returned to study and completed an Advance Diploma in Accounting in 9 months!  I was happy with this and thought why not going further so I completed a Graduate Certificate of Accounting and then a Master in Accounting.

My passion was helping small business, as in my previous life I had owned and managed three patisseries.  I knew how it felt to lose sleep at night because of financial constraint.  I can help them in many ways.

Becoming a Reckon Accredited Partner was a great decision as I received fantastic support from this great Australian Company.  I believe their small business platform is under-sold.  It is a very dynamic software that I enjoy working with and teaching.  I like its flexibility as it enabled me to create great systems for small businesses seeking to improve and grow.

Today I am a registered Tax Agent and use another great platform from Reckon, Reckon Elite to lodge business and individual tax returns.

My new challenge is Mortgage Broking.  This is a great addition to my practice as it enables me to help my clients with complex financial needs.

On my personal side, my children have grown up in a “can do” environment and are successful in their own journey.  I have a wonderful Australian husband but cannot rest or sit still as my glass is always half full.  Life is made of many lives with a variety of hats to wear.