Every year one of our Reckon Accredited Partners (AP’s) is recognised by the partner network and by us for their outstanding contribution.

This year Robyn Kelly was named Reckon AP of the Year at the annual Reckon Conference for her ongoing commitment to the network. 
We send out a heartfelt thanks to Robyn for all she does for local businesses and our partner network.

We also want to congratulate Kevin Bell, winner of the Reckon Community Spirit Award and Cutcher & Neale, winner of the Reckon Business Excellence Award.

We recently caught up with Reckon AP of the Year, Robyn Kelly, to ask her about what drove her to be a partner and how she works with small businesses. Robyn’s business consultancy operates in the small town of Narridy, near Crystal Brook in South Australia.

As a qualified BAS Agent you work with many local businesses – what sort of help are they looking for?

My aim is to help make sure all my clients are compliant. If an ATO, WorkCover, payroll or other financial audit should occur they’ll easily be able to provide what’s required. My philosophy is that you need to make sure you have the right paperwork and file it in the right place at the time of dealing with it; that way you’ll have far less to worry about.

Can you tell us about an ‘interesting client?

A word that comes to mind is “challenging”. I do have some clients that really aren’t interested in their finances, and I understand this. So many businesses, particularly those in regional areas, are facing a raft of challenges and that’s why I’m here to help. I must say I am sometimes surprised by what “box” I receive each quarter (it isn’t always a shoe box anymore!).

Over the last 10 years, what have been the major improvements in accounting software for you?

Ease of data entry! People have to find it easier than manual bookkeeping and this continues to improve. Making this process easier helps my clients be compliant, and when it comes to the end of the financial year they’ve already gathered most of the information they need for tax purposes.

Tell us about how you became a Reckon partner?

The introduction of GST drove me to become a partner in 2000. Since then I have also obtained Certificate IV in Training & Assessment and Certificate III & IV in book-keeping, to be BAS Agent qualified.

What’s great about being a Reckon AP?

First and foremost it’s the comradeship between Reckon AP’s, they understand how your business works and are so willing to share their knowledge. It’s also about being able to tell my clients that I am expert in Reckon products.

You’ve become well-known as an expert in our personal finance products among others within the partner community – do you have a great tip for accounting professionals?

Not so much a product tip BUT a life tip. I urge you to take time to talk to clients about their wills (including burial choices etc and that their choices are written down in order). It’s important to have a complete list somewhere of all their bank accounts, numbers, superannuation accounts, and if they’re married, to have utilities etc in joint names.

The Reckon Accounts personal range has a great Emergency Records Organiser where all this information can be stored, but make sure someone knows where the information is stored! It is the information we all know should be in place but often gets left until last, and sometimes not in time.