Jenny Wann is a Reckon Accredited Partner (AP) who operates her own bookkeeping business in Geraldton, WA. As a BAS agent, she works with numerous businesses in the area helping them meet their ATO requirements and provide ongoing support.

We recently interviewed Jenny to find out more about her business and what she thinks have been the most important software improvements in recent years.

Jenny, how do you help businesses in and around the Geraldton area?

I love one-on-one training and I’m passionate about QuickBooks.

I aim to help all my clients take control of their finances – from getting set up, to preparing BAS, to actually knowing what they are doing and why they’re doing it. Profitable businesses are usually those that recognise the importance of their bookwork from day one.

What do you think has been the most important improvements in accounting software in recent years?

The move to “the cloud”, no doubt about it. QuickBooks Hosted has changed my relationships with clients, as well as with other bookkeepers and accountants. Instead of a scary, one-off trip to “the accountant” each year, having access to QuickBooks Hosted has meant that my client, their accountant and I have formed a more cohesive partnership. Information and advice is now being shared on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

How did you become an AP?

I joined the partner program two years ago. After having worked as a bookkeeper and business owner for nearly 20 years, I was looking to find a network of like-minded professionals who I could turn to for support, and friendship. Now I have formed good friendships and have easy access to advice from other local and state APs.

Can you tell us about an interesting client?

One of my clients is a self-made multimillionaire in civil works and property development. He is always coming up with new schemes and providing me with new challenges. He’s interesting to me because he pushes me to the limits of my knowledge which makes me want (and need) to learn more.


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