It’s the start of a new financial year – a great time for any business to take a look at business performance and consider goals for the year ahead.
So we thought we’d put together a blog post sharing with you some of our big plans for the 2013/14 financial year, in particular what new products and updates are on the horizon.

Taking small businesses into the cloud with Reckon One

More small businesses will take to the cloud this financial year with the much anticipated release of Reckon One, our new customisable cloud accounting solution.

We recently showed off the new modular cloud accounting solution at our Reckon Roadshow series and the response was amazing. It’s clear that many small business owners want to know more about cloud accounting and are considering making the change with over 1000 people signing up to try out Reckon One once it’s available.

You can sign up to Reckon One alerts via the new website – we plan on releasing the cloud accounting solution as a beta in the near future. The beta version of Reckon One will be rolled-out gradually to anyone who’s expressed interest – so sign up if you haven’t already!

Read more about the Reckon One release >

More platforms to choose from – desktop, hosted and cloud

Cloud accounting is one of many platform choices on offer – which platform is right for you?

This financial year we’ll further explore how desktop, hosted and cloud accounting solutions benefit different businesses on the Reckon Blog.

We want our users to know that we’re committed to offering choice – see our blog post defining the three keyaccounting software platforms.

Reckon Searches – new service for accounting and legal professionals

In just a few weeks our service offering will expand to include ‘searches’. This new service will provide a fast and accurate way to order National Searches online: For Property/land Titles, Company, Bankruptcy Registry, Personal Properties Security Register and more.

Our new searches service will be made available directly through a new Reckon Searches website and throughReckon Docs.

We’ll post more on this new service soon.

Updates for Reckon Accounts personal and business software

And of course, another major release for Reckon Accounts business range (previously known as QuickBooks) is planned for the year ahead. This financial year we plan to make significant enhancements to improve the speed of the accounting software range and its functionality; we’ll be sure to pass details about what new features you can expect in 2014 later this year.

We’ll also release a new version of the Reckon Accounts personal range (previously Quicken) early next year.

Getting back on the road

In September we’ll be back on the road, this time we’re hosting a new national conference for Reckon partnersincluding Accredited Partners, Professional Partners and our Software Development Partners. This conference expands upon our well-known annual AP Conference by opening up the first day to our entire partner network. For details contact our PSG team.

We’re also planning another national roadshow series for accounting professionals, business consultants and business owners in 2014 – if there’s a location you’d like us to visit let us know.

On behalf of the Reckon team – we wish you all the best for the year ahead.

Got a question about our plans for Reckon products or services you use? Let us know.