Ever wanted to do more with your Reckon data? Perhaps you want to view it in exterior tools or develop custom apps to compliment your Reckon solution?

Read on to see where your creativity can take you and how to get there.

I’m feeling creative, what can I do with Reckon Accounts data?

As a Reckon user, you may find yourself wanting to do something a little different, to expand your functionality or integrate it with other solutions. You may want to view your Reckon data in exterior tools, or write your own custom applications to work with Reckon data.

With the Reckon APIs, you can easily write and maintain your own applications.

However, connecting to the various BI, reporting, and ETL tools is far less trivial. You will need CData tools.

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CData delivers the tools

This is where CData software can help:

  • They equip you with standards-based drivers and applications to connect to your Reckon Accounts data.
  • By building drivers that adhere to time- and industry-proven standards, such as JDBC, ODBC, and ADO.NET, CData allows Reckon Accounts users to quickly connect to their data in their favourite tools, saving them the time and hassle of managing the data integration internally.
  • Most of the popular BI tools (such as Tableau, PowerBI, or MS Excel) are capable of connecting to any number of relational databases by submitting SQL queries.
  • With CData drivers, the SQL queries are processed and translated based on the Reckon API, which allows you to leverage the time-saving features of Reckon while still accessing your data in your preferred tools and applications.

How to connect to Reckon Data

In order to connect to your Reckon data using a CData driver, you’ll first need to configure the connection by setting up the URL, User, and Password connection properties.

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This configuration will take many forms, as a DSN for the ODBC Driver, through the Connection Wizard for the Excel Add-In (see the screenshot to the left), or creating a connection string for our ADO.NET Provider or JDBC Driver.

Wherever you want your Reckon data, configuring the connection is simple and straightforward.

For advanced users or server administrators, there are other settings that can be configured to help work with proxies and firewalls, manage data caching, and many other options. All of the drivers’ connection properties are outlined in the products’ respective help files.

CData Software has built a variety of standards-based drivers and products, allowing Reckon Accounts users to connect with their data from practically anywhere. I have provided more information about each of the drivers below:

Drivers and apps for Reckon Accounts users

For those Reckon Accounts users who are interested in accessing their Reckon Accounts data from existing applications, whether installed or cloud-based, CData offers several options:

  • The Sync Application* is an installed application that will replicate your Reckon Accounts data and its primary benefits are two-fold. You can replicate your Reckon data to any number of on-premises or cloud-based databases (including Amazon Redshift, MS SQL Server, and Google Cloud SQL) to securely backing up your Reckon data or to provide you access to your Reckon data from any tool or application that is capable of communicating with the databases supported by the Sync Application.
  • The Excel Add-In* grants access to live Reckon data from within Excel, allowing you to read from and write to your data instead of being stuck with a static data dump. You can utilize the powerful and familiar features of Excel including charts, graphs, and pivot tables to see your Reckon data the way that you want.
  • The CData Cloud Driver is a lightweight server-side application that proxies live Reckon data, making it easily accessible across platforms and devices. With the Cloud Driver, you can expose Reckon data through many standards based interfaces, like OData, SOAP, REST, HTML, RSS, ATOM, JSON, XML, and CSV.
  • The ODBC Driver for Reckon allows you to connect your Reckon data to any number of BI Tools, including, but not limited to: Cognos BI, Crystal Reports, FileMaker Pro, Microsoft Access, QlikView, and Tableau. The ODBC Driver is also usable by developers, particularly those using Visual Basic, Delphi, or C++, but its primary use tends to be from within existing applications.

*Featured in the Reckon Add-On Marketplace.

For Developers

By building drivers that are standards-based, CData Software enables users interested in creating their own applications to easily access live Reckon Accounts data:

  • The JDBC Driver not only allows you to create your own custom desktop and web-based Java applications to work with your Reckon data but it allows you to connect to many BI tools and applications (such as Cisco Information Server, ColdFusion, DbVisualizer, Informatica, and Pentaho).
  • The ADO.NET Provider gives those of you who are .NET developers the opportunity to connect their applications to Reckon data. We do this by granting access to the data as if it were a set of SQL tables, allowing you to simply DataBind to the data, just like using Relational Databases. The Provider can also be used in any tools or applications that inherently support ADO.NET Providers, such as PowerBuilder or TIBCO Spotfire.
  • If you are interested in developing mobile applications that consume social media data, then the ADO.NET Providers for Xamarin are just the products for you. With our provider, you connect to real-time data using standard Xamarin data access, meaning you can easily create iOS and Android apps that consume Reckon data!

Looking Forward & Free Trials

As CData Software continues to contribute to the Reckon Add-On marketplace, we will be keeping up with any changes and improvements to the API and updating our drivers accordingly, ensuring that you never see a lapse in functionality.

You can download a free, 30-day trial of any of the CData products and start working with your Reckon data in all of your favorite BI, ETL, reporting, and custom applications today!

Go on, get busy, get creative and test the extent of what is possible with Reckon data and the right tools.

And make sure to view our full add-on marketplace below!