Easily track, prepare and
lodge BAS

Reckon One BAS software automatically calculates GST as you go and prefills BAS, which makes doing your tax and preparing your business activity statement a breeze! You’ll always know how much you owe and when it’s due, so you’re ready to lodge your BAS quickly and easily.

Easily track, prepare and lodge BAS
Easily create and lodge your BAS With Reckon One you can easily reconcile your bank transactions making it easy for you or your accountant to create and lodge your Business Activity Statements.

Manage GST transactions like
a pro

Track and manage GST transactions like a pro from the get-go. Reckon allows you to see individual transactions that make up the GST totals in your BAS, as well as make GST adjustments in your BAS as required – it’s GST made easy!

Prepare tax reports for the ATO

Prepare your BAS and PAYG & GST reports ready to submit to the ATO, on any device! You can keep track of their status and get your latest BAS from the ATO, saving you time and speeding up the BAS process!

Handles complex transactions like a charm.  Feel like a bank reconciliation pro from the get-go. BankData makes it easy to split amounts into separate accounts, and has many other tricks up its sleeve too.

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Manage your GST and lodge your BAS at ease today.

Frequently asked questions

Does a sole trader need to do BAS?

If you’re a sole trader and registered for GST, yes you will need to lodge a Business Activity Statement.

You must register for GST if:

  • Your business has a GST turnover (gross income minus GST) of $75,000 or more per financial year
  • Your non-profit organisation has a GST turnover of $150,000 or more per financial year
  • You are a taxi driver and ride-sharing driver no matter what your turnover is

Our Reckon One BAS software for sole traders makes lodging your bas statement easy.

How do I prepare my BAS with Reckon One?

Reckon One makes lodging your BAS easy. Run the Reckon One “Activity Statement (BAS)” report that will help you generate the exact figures to enter onto your business activity statement form. Save and mark as lodged to help you stay organised. All Reckon accounting products are Simpler BAS enabled including Reckon One. Follow our step by step video tutorial for calculating your BAS figures in Reckon One.

How do I record a GST refund in Reckon One?

It’s easy to process a GST refund in Reckon One. Read our article here for the simple steps to follow.

We’ve also written a handy article that includes everything you need to know about GST refunds and claiming GST.

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