In the many years that I have been training our Reckon clients, partners and consultants on accounting software I’ve heard them say time and time again how powerful they find the reporting in Reckon Accounts products.

What makes that particularly great for me is that reporting happens to be my favourite topic to cover when running training courses.

The reason? I love seeing the look of awe on the attendee’s faces, for those that are learning about the reporting functions for the first time, it’s obviously a bit of an ‘ah-hah!’ moment. For those who already have a degree of knowledge of the reporting function, they too are adding to their knowledge base and learning to go further. It’s this opportunity to build on and continually improve their business reporting that always leaves the attendees feeling pleasantly surprised.

So, I’d like to share with you three of my favourite things about Reckon Accounts’ accounting software:

1. Reckon Accounts has over 100 business reports to choose from and we added two additional reports which I like to call the “blank canvas reports” – the Custom Transaction Detail Report and the Custom Summary Report. Both these reports allow you to create and mould your own reports from start to finish. You can select exactly what you want to see on the report by changing your display settings, choose what sort of information will feed through to the reports by selecting different filters, and even go a step further by changing the font.

2. By far one of the best things about the reports in Reckon Accounts is the ability it gives you to drill right down so you can see precisely what is making up each total. You can go into each and every individual transaction, which makes your analysis much more efficient and much more detailed.
3. Reckon Accounts reports can be memorised as an individual report template that allows you to access the report again easily, or you can even memorise your reports in groups. This is where it gets pretty cool, because when you run a memorised report group you are given three options – you can display all the reports in the group on the screen, print all the reports in the group, or export all reports to Excel – making it a great efficiency tool. To go one step further, you can export certain memorised report templates and import into other company files.

I hope you find this useful. I’d love to know your favourite reports, or even a feature in Reckon Accounts you’d like me to explore further in a future blog post.