The Internet of Things – other wise known as IOT has long been bubbling away in the background of pop culture and the recent realities of smart homes.

So now in 2019 in the land of Alexa, Echo and Google home what kinds of IOT gadgets we can we go out and buy right now?

It should be noted that the likes of Alexa and Apple homepod often form the ‘core’ of these technologies, allowing voice activated central control.

August Smart Lock Pro Door Lock

Your regular old home is generally guarded by a solid door with a lock. In 2019 your smart home is guarded by a smart lock – like the August.

‘Back to the future’ is closer than ever.

“With August, you are always in control of your front door, no matter where you are, right from your phone. Our products help you keep the bad guys out and let your friends and family in.”

Let’s see its features…

  • Track activity and always know who is coming and going at your doorstep with a 24/7 Activity Feed.
  • Grant unlimited digital keys valid for a few weeks, a few hours, or a few minutes. Never worry about lost, stolen or copied keys again.
  • Lock and unlock your door, control keyless access and keep track of who comes and goes from anywhere.


Have you ever had to leave your dog at home while you are at work? Have you ever wondered what they were up to or wanted to say hi… or even flick them a schmacko?

Well the future is knocking pet people and now you can with the good old Furbo!

The Furbo is a vase like device equipped with video cameras, sensors, 2 way audio and a built in treat dispenser to toss your dog a tasty biscuit – all geared to monitor and interact with your dog go while you are away.

Some of its features:

  • Live stream 1080p video with night vision function
  • Barking Alerts with push notifications
  • Photo options to capture moments
  • Interactive treat tossing device  – throw that dog a bone
  • 2 way audio to ‘chat’ with your bestie

Wemo home automaton range

The whole smart home kit! Comprising of a suite of individual devices, Wemo have all the small stuff covered. From light switches, smart plugs, dimmers, and home security systems, they all fall under the Wemo umbrella and are an affordable way to introduce automatic controls into the home.

From voice controlling your lights and kettle, to monitioring cameras and tracking items – all the basics of the smart home are covered to get you started n your journey to the house of the future. With the smart plugs in particular you can essentially control any device you have plugged in to a wall through apps and voice commands.

Singlecue – Gesture Controller

Do you remember that scene from Minority Report where Tom Cruise dons gloves to ‘gesture control’ some futuristic technology by waving his hands in the air? Well you won’t be needing those gloves with Singlecue.

This ground breaking addition to the IOT scene is both a standalone gesture control home command centre and also a compliment to voice activated home pods.

Basically we have a sensor device capable of interpreting your gestures and executing commands. Like what? Operate your entire TV and home entertainment system using the air as your remote. You can silence devices by raising a finger to your lips and connect it to most IOT devices around your home so you can wave lights on and off or activate whatever you have connected to your smart home.