Starting today, Australian Reckon customers who bank with ANZ Bank can now streamline and automate their entire bank reconciliation process.

Through BankData, Reckon customers can eliminate manual data entry and has the ability to split different transactions into different accounts.

Reckon One, Reckon Accounts, and Reckon Hosted customers can now sign up for BankData for all ANZ cheque & savings bank accounts and Business One Credit Card accounts. Moving from a paper-based process, Reckon clients banking with ANZ can set up their BankData feed by simply logging into their ANZ account online.

With connections to an array of major Australian Banks already, adding ANZ Bank further strengthens the BankData offering, enhancing automation and tracking in Reckon’s already powerful BankData application.

Sam Allert, Managing Director, Australian and New Zealand for Reckon said,

“We are pleased to welcome ANZ Bank as part of our BankData ecosystem for Reckon. Not only will this improve the onboarding experience for ANZ Bank customers, but also completely cuts out the previous paper-based process. ANZ Bank customers are now able to electronically set up the feed from their bank account to Reckon, through the ANZ Bank internet site.

“We will continue to work with ANZ Bank to subsequently roll-out a direct feed from non-business credit card accounts. We’re also focusing on rolling out this facility with other banks.”

ANZ Bank customers using Reckon One simply need to purchase the Reckon One BankData module when they sign up for Reckon One and then log in directly to their ANZ Bank account through the ANZ website and add the feed.