Reckon Partners with AusMumpreneur to Help Growing Force of Enterprising Women Succeed in Business

 Reckon has just teamed up with the country’s largest community of mums in business, AusMumpreneur, and Women’s Business School in an exclusive partnership to offer vital financial literacy education needed to run a success business.

What is AusMumpreneur all about?

Ausmumpreneur has a network of over 100,000 women aged 25-55 who want the flexibility, financial independence and freedom to work where, when and how they want without compromising on precious family time. The community supports, empowers and inspires mums through practical workshops, conferences, an awards program, an online support initiative and real life case studies.

How is Reckon getting involved?

Managing Director of Reckon, Sam Allert, said that Reckon is extremely proud to be supporting some of the 330,000 mumpreneurs in Australia on their entrepreneurial journey.

“The number of women running businesses in Australia is growing and there are many who don’t have the financial know-how in order to boost their chances of long-term success. We want to arm budding talent with the skills required to build a strong, resilient business that will help contribute to a prosperous economy.

“Through the partnership we’ll be offering training in all aspects of cloud accounting using the Reckon One platform, expert advice on running a small business and workshops during the Ausmumpreneur 2017 conference. Here we’ll be addressing some of the key challenges start-ups face such as managing cashflow which is typically the highest pain point that keeps business owners up at night” – Sam Allert

In addition, Reckon will provide expertise in all areas of accounting for the Women’s Business School – a world first global business school designed by women, exclusively for women. Students can expect to receive in-person training on Reckon One and master classes in how to manage a business account.

“Although many entrepreneurs may be fearful of dredging through endless stacks of financial documents, accounting provides the clearest picture of a businesses’ success.  By providing women with a deeper understanding of financial management solutions in the cloud they can run their businesses from wherever they are and always know the status of their finances to make informed business decisions” – Sam Allert

Peace Mitchel, AusMumpreneur co-founder, said women are at the heart of the small business community and the organisation is committed to helping business owners, particularly those who also juggle a family, reach their full potential.

“This program has been designed to provide all the business acumen my sister Katy and I wish had been easily available to us when we started out along with support from other women going through the same journey. Our handpicked experts are relatable and accomplished role models from a range of industries and we’re excited to connect our members with the professionals at Reckon to share practical techniques,” – Peace Mitchel.

The Women’s Business School is now accepting applications for scholarships and enrolment. For more information go to

To find out more and join the AusMumpreneur network, please visit

We also have a special Reckon One offer running for AusMumpreneur, visit them above to find out all about it.