Your complete list of Accounting FAQ’s!

Do I need accounting software for my small business?

In short, yes you do. You should always be using accounting software to keep yourself compliant and in control of your businesses finances and payroll. Antiquated paper based recording on the other hand is time consuming and error prone.

How does an accounting software work?

Accounting software records and processes accounting transactions within modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger and payroll. This information is used for tax and business monitoring purposes.

What is cloud-based accounting software?

A modern form of accounting software designed for use in the cloud, with access granted through apps. Cheap, mobile, secure and accessible anywhere/anytime – cloud accounting is the future.

How does accounting software improve productivity?

By automating key business and compliance tasks including payroll, STP, bank feeds, business reports and receipt handling, cloud accounting saves hours of work per week, meaning more time for sales and marketing.

How much does accounting software cost?

Top tier accounting software apps can be expensive, however Reckon One is proudly the most affordable, fully featured top tier cloud accounting solution in the market – starting at only $5 per month.

How to choose the right accounting software for your business?

A small business of up to 20 people will easily be handled by cloud accounting apps. Only larger businesses should look into something more powerful desktop or hosted solution.

What accounting software to use for small business?

A small business should be using a cloud accounting app for all of their accounting needs. Cloud accounting apps are the perfect and undisputed choice for small businesses.

What are the emerging trends in accounting software?

Fully integrated cloud accounting applications sit at the forefront of technology. Your new cloud accounting app should also take care of recently enacted STP (Single Touch Payroll).

What are the benefits of an integrated accounting software package?

An integrated accounting system is a type of software that combines financial accounting functions into one application. Replacing separate systems or applications eliminates separate books or records for ordering, costing and other management accounting purposes.

What is ERP accounting software?

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a type of accounting software designed for very large businesses. ERP software is essentially a database tool that supports all of a business’s processes and operations including manufacturing, marketing, financials and human resources.

Why is accounting software important?

Accounting software is important for both staying compliant with local tax authorities and maintaining control over your business’ finances and operations.