We aren’t sliding into the 2019 home plate just yet with a few more months until 2020, yet who has been blazing a trail in 2019 so far? Who are the most innovative companies of 2019 and why?

Lets take a squiz at our shortlist, gathered from the highly respected annual AFR most innovative companies awards.

1) CIC

CIC or Custom Innovation Co.  is an Australian technology company which umbrellas the brands Tec.Fit and Tailors Mark.

They concentrate on providing e-commerce and ‘fit’ technologies to the AUD $600BN online fashion industry.

This year they took out the gong for innovation and we have to say – it is very well deserved.

Why so innovative?

Australian technology company CIC was nominated and selected on the basis of their 2 newest innovations – a mobile based full-body scanning tool combined with 3D printing technology that produces life-sized, recyclable and perfectly on-form mannequins to be used in the creation of tailored and bespoke clothing.

You essentially scan yourself to create a perfect model – then transmit data to the tailor who can produce a recyclable, reusable mannequin which is used to create flawless tailored clothes.

CIC, which is a small to medium business (and we love small business) has a staff list of only 30 people, yet have managed to punch well above their weight with truly innovative products which are fit for purpose, truly useful, and have never before been seen on the market.

They also credit their success with innovative business practices with a culture focused on learning from mistakes – mistakes must be are owned, acknowledged and resolved – never left to fester.


A fantastic Australian company – Expert360 are a new way to fill your projects with the right people. Lets hear it from the innovators themselves:

Use the Expert360 platform to connect with over 25,000 qualified Experts, ranging from management consultants, project managers to web design freelancers.

Why so innovative?

When a project comes up you often need many hands for short periods – all perfect workers with the right skills and the right timing to get your project done – get paid and leave you with a fantastic result.

this takes time to find the right people – time projects don;t have.

This is what Expert360 do – they have created a platform that allows you to punch in your specific brief while the platform goes about finding the perfect team.

Essentially it goes:

  • Create a project brief. Start by specifying the skills and capabilities you require.
  • Customise your search & hire directly. Discover top talent by searching for skills, location and availability in one-go.
  • Get fast matches. Our algorithm will match your project with the relevant, leading Experts and send you a short list of the top results.

3) Penten

Australian tech startup Penten took out the government and not-for-profit list with a mere 52 employees, including 40 engineers. They concentrate on high level mobile cyber security and took our fascination with their product – AltoCrypt Stik.

“At Penten we believe that mobility enhances the effectiveness of sensitive information, that diverse thinking is the key to cyber defence and that all problems can be solved by a talented and motivated team of engineers.”

Why so innovative?

With mobile internet and WiFi a ubiquitous method of internet connection – there are many many ways this method can be insecure.

If you work for the military or the government and wish to access sensitive networks on wifi you had little recourse – the AltoCrypt Stik changes that.

“AltoCrypt Stik is designed to simplify secure remote access to sensitive networks. The AltoCrypt USB device allows a user’s laptop to use public wireless to remotely connect over the internet to a sensitive networks.”

A well deserved win for innovation.