The Sky Muster satelites have been launched and are now beaming fast internet to vast numbers of rural Australians for the first time. The possibilities are about to be realised. Are you ready for the boom?

What’s new with the NBN?

The political hot potato that is the NBN finally came to rest and is now starting to deliver on its promises. After much hand wringing, debate, sizzling tempers and a gulf of opinion, the Sky Muster satelites have been switched on and represent salvation for those in rural areas who have been relying on the woefully inadequate ISS (Interim Satellite Service).

Many Australians in rural areas have so far been unable to make use of the internet in ways we metropolitan dwellers take for granted. The ability to do so represents a revolution of opportunity – things are going to start changing fast.

5 ways the NBN is changing the game:

1. Working from Home

With employment avenues in regional areas often restricted, regional Australians face a lack of choice when it comes to their job or opening a business. Sometimes Australian towns can rely on a narrow industry focus – such as mining or agricultural townships. This can restrict career avenues.

With a decent internet connection, the world opens its doors and suddenly becoming a freelance journalist, or opening an e-store to sell your paintings becomes a very real possibility. Being able to make use of cloud services, online software and business apps represents a genuine opportunity to thousands of people across the country, a whole new mode of business just cropped up.

This destruction of distance will revolutionise business in the bush, I see a small online business boom gathering on the horizon.

2. Health

One of the more serious revolutions to hit rural and far flung Australians will be the availability of telehealth services. The inability to see specialists for health concerns leads many Aussies on expensive health trips, flying into cities just to see the doctor for 10 minutes. That reality is changing. Strong internet connections will allow virtual meetings and checkups between GP’s, specialists and their patients from the inexpensive comfort of their homes.

3. Education

Modern education has become utterly reliant on a strong internet connection.
Teachers need it to access resources, children need it for research, those wishing to further their education through online universities or long distance education rely on it in absolute terms.

With the launch of Sky Muster, essential education resources are set to be made available for those in rural areas, sometimes for the first time. The opportunities are immeasurable.

4. Videoconferencing

How commonplace is the old Skype call? Yeah, not for many Australians. The possibility for many of being able to video chat with a loved one, have a virtual conference or conduct a long distance interview was a hazy pipedream. No longer.

5. Cloud Applications

The modern world is in the cloud. Once hype and now inescapable, more and more software applications and services are being exclusively supported and launched in the cloud. Cloud accounting software such as Reckon One, data storage, music streaming, backup and recovery etc etc. The list goes on, if you are unable to connect to the cloud, the world starts to pass you by.

With Sky Muster, countless Aussies can now upgrade their old programs and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing many of us have taken for granted.

6. Gaming

It may seem a little frivolous but around 1 million Australian households are signed up to the PlayStation Network alone. Gaming is big. The latest console games now actually require an internet connection to function at a core level – denying many rural Australians the basic pleasures of modern gaming.

7. Media & Entertainment

Netflix, Stan, Foxtel, Youtube, On demand TV, Spotify, Pandora, Online gaming…
Need I say more?