Despite the number of great business ideas streaming through the market most won’t make it past their first test. Ever think of a genius idea only to be dissuaded by your peers? More often than not, you’ll be kindly reminded of why it won’t fly or why you’re not cut out for it. Our advice, ignore them!

Had most of the world’s greatest minds listened to such advice we wouldn’t have any successful start-ups or entrepreneurs disrupting the market. Not all great ideas will be unique. In a world of innovation, it’s often about finding a good idea and looking for ways it can be improved. Keep an open mind.

1) Partners vs. solo

Friends not only are a source of sanity in your early days, they will often help with the validation process when you are trying to bring all your ideas together. While they can help tremendously don’t ignore your gut instinct. Your mates may have your best intentions in mind but it’s hard to know if they will be as committed as you are and what their work ethic is like.

2) The dream team

A team is only as good as its people, which is why recruitment is something that takes time and something you need to get right. Keep on top of the process and once you reach 10-15 staff members, you should consider starting a HR department to make sure your people are being managed properly.

3) Happy customers

At the heart of every business should be the desire to have a happy customer. Be proud of your product and provide people with a service you’re genuinely proud. Then be there for the journey. If you make a mistake fess up and make it right, no excuses.

4) Sales

Ok- so everything is in full swing, but here comes that barrier to entry you built. While you may have an amazing innovative product, there is no avoiding is getting out there. The thought of cold calling sends shivers down most of our backs but if you want to succeed, it’s essential. Not everyone will want to buy your product but it’s a numbers game so back it up with great service and keep at it.

5) Life balance

So, you’re putting everything you have into your new baby, but let’s not forget to spend some time on you. Plan breaks and disconnect, especially if you’ve set up shop at home. Know when to step aside as this it will ensure the job is executed to perfection. Look out for people who can bring your business to life and empower them. A healthy brain will help you create better work.

6) Luck exists

It’s hard to believe that having a successful start up doesn’t involve huge blessings of luck. Acknowledge it, appreciate it but never expect it.

So how do we know all this stuff? Well, we learned everything above by making the classic mistakes in every category. Luckily, none fatal but often really close. Be aware that no matter how successful you are, you will never be completely out of the woods- market disruption will see to that.