By Min Kumar

5 Ways Smartphones Have Revolutionised Business


Despite making their public debut in 1983, mobile phones didn’t develop into smart devices until 2002. That’s when they moved beyond being communication devices into the realms of disruptive technology. By changing how we communicate smartphones have altered advertising practices, created new markets and launched an app revolution.

These days it’s hard to imagine going through a business day without referring to your phone at least once. Join us as we countdown the top five ways smartphones have revolutionised business.

5. Faster Response Times

With the introduction of smartphones into the business arena response times have undoubtedly improved. In the past emails that arrived at 5:02pm would have lain idle in our inbox until 9:00am the following business morning. But with work email accounts loaded on to smartphones we’re only ever a tap away from the office. Businesses with online support channels are expected to respond to customers within 24 hours, down from 48 or 72 hours waits in the past. For sole traders or small business owners saddled with a myriad of other tasks this may seem overwhelming, but our next point should offer some relief.

4.  Becoming a Communication Hub

Just like calling from the car phone in the 80s, the closing tag of “Sent from my iPhone” is the symbol of the modern worker. In the past emails, phone numbers, calendars, and documents would have been kept in four different locations. Smartphones however have enabled communications to become more streamlined and easier to coordinate. These days receiving feedback, responding to it via email with an attached document and scheduling a follow up meeting are all possible to do in minutes on your phone.

3. Promoting Paperless Transactions

The mainstream adoption of online money transfers was a game changing period for all aspects of business. When coupled with a mobile device the possibilities are endless and exciting. For business owners on the go preparing invoices via your phone, or reconciling your accounts from the palm of your hand with cloud-based apps (more on that below) and access to the internet on your smartphone are easier than ever. Soon taking a credit card payment will be as simple as swiping the card through a device on your phone.

2. The Introduction of Apps

Apps have inherently changed the way we use our phones. By providing us with the infrastructure, smartphone producers have put the onus on us to create a customised experience for ourselves. It would be fair to say that no two smart phones have exactly the same apps on them or are used in exactly the same way. There are apps to track your inventory, manage your money, coordinate your schedule and monitor your stress levels. In 2013 mobile app and advertising revenue brought in a staggering $38 billion. For the modern business owner, there aren’t many problems the right app can’t solve. For those trickier ones though you can always create and market your own app.

1. Initiating Freedom from the Office

Smartphones have enabled the boundaries of the modern office to seamlessly transition into the home and in response the traditional office has evolved to meet the demands of the new workplace. Telecommuting and working on the road have opened up greater opportunities for those on the go. Business owners are no longer tethered to the office allowing greater freedom to add value to their business and lives.

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