Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer, whatever your preference there are some handy dandy shortcuts out there for all breeds.

I was going to call these ‘keyboard hacks’ but that’s lame, so I didn’t. You’re welcome.

Reopen a closed tab

“I just accidentally closed that tab! I don’t even know how I got to that page of flourless kale cupcake recipes. The page is surely lost forever in the dark recesses of the web, never to be found again!”

Chill out my tragic friend, this shortcut will reopen the last tab you accidentally closed, you now possess the unholy ability to bring any tab back from the dead.

Ctrl & N
Open a new window

“It’s time to research that white paper, but the siren call of YouTube fills me with urges of procrastination… Will I ever be able to stop this link train?”

Oh ye of little focus. Just open a new window to do your work and learn how to make knitted cat overalls tomorrow.

Alt & F4
Close the window and all its tabs

“So I started to do my research and ended up back on facebook discovering what a guy I went to school with 10 years ago had for lunch today. I have self control problems. Help me.”

Yes. Yes you do. You are not to be trusted with mulltiple tabs or your current window. Use the close the window shortcut before you dissapoint yourself further.

Ctrl & D
Bookmark the current website

“This is righteous, the perfect site. What an unparalleled resource for honing my scrapbooking skills. Better save this bad boy for later.”

Good to see you doing something useful… Fear not, this shortcut will bookmark your most precious pages for you to become disinterested in later.

CTRL & +/- or scroll wheel
Zoom in and out

“What’s that?! I can’t quite make it out. Coming in for a close-up. This new wrinkle on my ex’s face must be inspected ruthlessly.”

Whatever floats your boat. Use CTRL and the plus key or the scroll wheel to zoom right in there, then switch to the minus key or scroll down to retreat in terror.