So you are running a salon? Fantastic. Whether your salon is focused on hair, nails, massage therapy, waxing or a myriad of possibilities, the one thing in common is your front desk.

The front desk is not only the ‘face’ of your business, it is also where sales take place and impressions are formed. It is an absolute must that your front desk experience is a smooth, professional and comfortable experience for your clients.

1)  A proper POS system

A properly setup, capable, clean and simple POS system is absolutely imperative to your salon front desk. It is almost impossible to imagine one functioning without POS.

Your POS system consists of Point Of Sale software matched with hardware like an iPad, card scanner and a receipt printer.

Get rid of the desktop computer cluttering your space and clean it up with the most efficient and most simple setup you can. Not only will you be able to take payments, monitor sales, pull reports, check stock, and add a rewards program, you will also be providing a clean and easy customer experience which is paramount in the service industry.

Make sure you customise your POS to perhaps include button menus of your particular services and products to save time as well as card scanners if you want to offer rewards, even make sure your receipts carry personalised messages or offers. You get the picture.

2) Entertainment and Comfort

This is all about experience. Customer experience at the front desk is paramount in the service industry and you really need to go the extra mile when offering more personal services often offered by salons.

Sometimes in a storefront context you have reluctant customers who may be spooked by an unsure experience or an unwelcoming storefront. Think about this as you design your front desk/waiting bay.

Make it as comfortable and inviting as humanly possible with open couches, plant life, a friendly desk, lollies, a welcome board, water, tissues etc. etc. Whatever it is that suits your space, make sure it relaxes and invites.

Furthermore, think of entertainment. You don’t want a waiting period to become so mind numbing they feel like leaving before their turn. Sure, phones exist nowadays but don’t rely on BYO entertainment. A TV, music, wi-fi, magazines and a few kids books would be normal considerations, but let your imagination take you in new directions as well.

3) Retail products and samples

Almost undoubtedly there will be a range of associated retail products to match with your salon. Hair gel, nail buffers, wax strips, shampoo… whatever it is, make sure it is visible at your front desk in an attractive and unobtrusive manner.

While your clients wait you can be sure your products are selling themselves as they sit staring your client in the face, willing themselves to be bought. Think about adding samples for your products or offer discounts on your retail items when you purchase particular services.

Not only is this value-adding for your client it is obviously a great expansion of your sales. Don’t hamper the process with ‘out the back’ products. Keep it simple, quality and make sure it does not completely dominate the front desk. Make sure staff have them easily at hand for any up selling opportunity they might have.

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