Running a small business is a hectic undertaking, often involving the acquisition of new skills and knowledge you would be otherwise unfamiliar with. With the rapid expansion of online content, however, we now have almost all the information we need at our fingertips. Although, with such a brisk pace and huge range of sources comes the prevalence of low quality articles and a fair amount of dross. It’s pretty easy to get lost in the swamp and fail to discover the real gems without wading around in the muck to find them. To help counter this we have written up a list of a few of our recommended blogs for small business, based purely on quality of content, with no affiliations. There are many more out there of course but this is a good place to start.

1) Social Triggers

Social triggers host an excellent blog aimed at those getting into business and looking for a wide range of quality advice. The knowledge ranges from productivity guides to mindset tips and practical how-to’s.  What are their specialties?

  • Building a blog audience
  • Help getting started
  • Selling your product
  • Business tactics and etiquette

The blog is aimed at those starting out or moving up in their business, with expansive advice for marketing, selling and negotiating.

“I believe smart entrepreneurs and executives who want to win in today’s overcrowded marketplace MUST become master marketers, persuaders, and salesmen.” – Derek Halpern, Social Triggers.

The idea is to contain fluff free article of genuine usefulness in a single location for busy entrepreneurs. Examples of his blogs include:

  • 7 clever tricks that will make you a better negotiator
  • How to make your brand luxurious (it’s surprisingly easy…)
  • 7 things that make content go viral

2) DIY Marketers

DIY Marketers – this one leaves little to the imagination. A super focused and incredibly handy blog which has a clear purpose in helping to get your business out there in the market, all by yourself. This is a savvy little resource for underfunded marketers, new businesses on a budget and those struggling to be heard yet have the will to get their hands dirty and market their business on a shoestring. In their words:

“Become a powerhouse marketer: Your best resource for learning everything you need to successfully market your company.” – Ivana Taylor

Hit this blog up for articles such as:

  • The missing link in your lead generation strategy
  • How to grow sales without spending a single dime on marketing
  • How to do influence marketing on a budget

3) The winning pitch

The Winning Pitch is a blog from Robyn Haydon and is focused upon pitches, tenders and new business acquisition. If you are in the business of jumping hoops to get a new client, this one is for you.  Although the layout leaves a little to be desired – a long list style presentation – the content is of a high standard.

“Fulfill your potential to win, retain and grow your most important contracts and customers” – Robyn Haydon

Full of great information on negotiation, psychology of the deal and tender writing tips, you would be doing yourself a massive favour in checking it out if your business is in the game of submitting tenders, bidding, pitching, convincing and deal chasing. Robyn’s blog topics include:

  • Conversation versus presentation
  • Building your proposal muscle
  • How long should your proposal be?