Throughout the month of May we are travelling across Australia with our annual Reckon Roadshow. We are just 1/3 of the way as we travel to 22 locations, talking with close to 2000 of our clients. The roadshow is focused on telling the Reckon story to Accountants and Bookkeepers, and is specifically focused on the upcoming release of Reckon One.

At every location, we tell our audience about the strong Reckon story – We are an ASX-listed Australian company who work with hundreds of thousands of businesses and thousands of accounting firms. We have software covering Docs (which supports 13% of all company formations in Aust), Reckon One, and Reckon Accounts Hosted for businesses, APS and Elite for accounting practices, Sync Direct to connect with non-Reckon products, and finally Virtual Cabinet document management and portal for collaborating on-line with clients. We are proud and confident to have all that we have today.

But then the fun begins – We go into great detail about Reckon One. I can tell you from extensively using the software that we should all be very excited about the upcoming Reckon One release. What is new with this evolution of Reckon One?

We removed Silverlight from the application and have re-written it entirely into HTML 5. This not only removes any issues with Silverlight, but, more importantly, it puts us onto the latest development platform which enables us to safely build out the Reckon One ecosystem.
We have put a massive effort into the User Experience of the product – and it looks and feels amazing.
We have worked with AWS to ensure all our clients data is stored locally here in Australia
With this release we will also soon be releasing Payroll, and an API for development partners
Add on top of this that we re offering the most affordable pricing structure for cloud accounting software in Australian and NZ.

Our release date for the next stage of Reckon One is 31 May. This is the date we have told the market, and I know the development team are working hard to achieve a release possibly just before this date. Payroll will come later, expected within the first quarter of the financial year.

At our Roadshow event in Sydney, we have also launched a brand new mobile app called Reckon Invoices. We have been working on this product behind the scenes, away from our team working hard on our main focus of the revamped Reckon One release. This FREE mobile app lets users create invoices and receive money on their mobile device. We have just gone live on Google Play this week and will soon to be live on the Apple Store.

We have presented at 9 locations already and the market feedback has been tremendous. It really is a joy to present our companies current position and showing off the new Reckon One and Reckon Invoices.

These roadshow events and new product releases are just a part of our journey. As we build our products to be stronger and more robust, we’re looking forward to working with our clients as we build great, affordable products that provide you with ultimate freedom.