How well is your small business actually faring? How deep and intricate is your knowledge of your own business? What information do you have available to make better decisions and grow your business with confidence?

It’s all too easy to coast along making knee jerk decisions or wild assumptions about your own business. Sure, you might have a pretty decent idea of what’s going on under the surface, but do you really know?

It’s time to stop flying blind so you can make wiser and more informed choices. So, what can Reckon Insights do for you?

Reveal your true business performance

If you take a glance at your sales, overheads, or your balance sheet, you can get a pretty reasonable idea of your business’ performance. These are some of the simplest ways to gauge performance and profitability in a broad sense.

But that’s not the whole picture. Not even close. What you need is data that’s transformed into actionable intelligence.

If you want to make decisions about growth, sales, customers, and expenditure, you need real insights, not just sales data.

Reckon Insights provides the platform to collate and model data for a complete picture of your business. It grants you rich financial reporting across:

  • profitability
  • cash flow
  • accounts receivables
  • customers
  • many more key performance indicators

Customise dashboards to suit your needs

You probably don’t need to see every metric under the sun. Some reports won’t matter to you, while others will be of prime importance.

With Reckon Insights, you have the control to display exactly what you need on your dashboard and nothing you don’t.

Maybe you want to see sales by postcode to track your audience better, perhaps you want to needle down on expenses across multiple entities, or how about analysing your performance across different time periods? Anything you need is available through your personal dashboard of data and reports.

Visualises your insights for easy digestion

Instead of having to crunch the numbers and envision your data from figures, you can easily visualise your data with dashboards and visual reports.

The power of visualisation should not be underestimated. We are visual creatures who digest complex information far better when laid out in visually digestible ways.

Reckon Insights allows you to select from hundreds of built in visualisations, or build your own to suit your personal requirements. This means you can present your reports and business data in a meaningful way that encourages data-driven decision-making across your entire business.

Automate and transmit reports in a no-touch environment

One of the barriers to accessing and utilising powerful reports and data is not just visualisation and accessibility – it’s the conscious effort to do so.

Once you’ve put in a hard day at work and tended to all of your business operational priorities, you likely just want to head home and take care of the rest of your personal life. Fair enough.

That’s why it’s extremely beneficial to set up reporting ahead of time and let the data come to you in easily absorbed reports.

You can not only setup the automatic creation of rich, customised and visual reports – you can also automate their transmission.

Whether it’s just emailing yourself or other staff or stakeholders in the business, you can setup automatic transmission of reports to be sent out without having to lift a finger.

This means you just sit back and be passively sent the reports you need, whilst keeping your finger on the pulse and understanding your businesses performance.

Get Reckon Insights

Reckon Insights is now available for both of our flagship products, Reckon One and Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Check out Reckon Insights to see how you’re really performing.