Tony Bundock, Founder of Genesis Horticultural Solutions

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I’m focusing on the things I can get on with.

Tony Bundock, Founder of Genesis Horticultural Solutions

Tony Bundock, Founder of Genesis Horticultural Solutions, is about as resilient and hard working as it gets. He runs his own business from Narre Warren in Victoria, is the Deputy Chair of Protected Cropping Australia – and has spent the last 30 years volunteering as an active firefighter. Tony spoke to us about the importance of being adaptable, staying positive, and having the backing of his ‘number one supporter’ – his wife.
I started Genesis Horticultural Solutions about two years ago. We provide hands-on training to growers across Australia and New Zealand on how to utilise a specialised greenhouse climate management and irrigation system. I spend a lot of my time on the road, helping different growers across the country.

I’m an ex tomato and flower grower myself, and I’ve been in horticulture for 40 odd years. So I thought, “well this is what I’m good at and that’s what I’m going to give a go.” As a sole trader, I do all the running around. I’m lucky to have a very supportive and long suffering wife who puts up with me working God knows how many hours.

Most of the work we’ve been doing has been on a face-to-face basis. But that all stopped when the lockdown started. It was a Sunday night and I was booked to go on a plane to Tasmania the following week. I started to get calls and emails saying, “We don’t think we can have you down here.” My role is very hands on at the farms with the growers, so it was obviously frustrating.

That was really the start of everything grinding to a halt.

“I was faced with two options. Either I could sit at home and be miserable, or I could move with the times and do things more flexibly. Of course, I opted for the latter.”

Before the lockdown, I signed up to Zoom – which is a really good platform for training because we can screen share with a grower, look at their system and move things around. I’d also been meaning to put the basic training I perform on the internet. Suddenly, this was the golden opportunity.

The key thing for me was not to despair and to take a step back and work out how as a business we could get around this situation. I think you’ve got to be looking at how you can really make things work in a different climate – and how you can be resilient.

I’m also a volunteer with the Country Fire Authority. It’s been a busy and challenging summer, but I’ve still got my eyebrows and hair so it’s all good.

For me, resilience is the ability to adapt in a nimble and efficient way to respond to adversity and work towards a positive outcome. While I’ve got a big list of things I’ve pushed to the side for the moment – like visiting individual growers to discuss training options and interstate training sessions – I’m focusing on the things I can get on with.

I’ve actually taken on a part time role with a horticultural college that advertised for a horticultural trainer – so now I’m busier than ever. I’m pretty happy really.

Outside of the business, I’m also always on the move. I’m the Deputy Chair of Protected Cropping Australia and because they say “if you want something done, ask a busy man,”

I’ve used spreadsheets to manage my finances in the past and found the process very time consuming. The big thing that Reckon has allowed me to do is really get down into the doldrums of where my money is going – and it’s saved me loads of time.

I really like the visual dashboard in Reckon One as a handy overview tool. I can instantly see my Net Position and who is my top customer. The dashboard also highlights bank accounts and top incomes and expenses – a real one stop shop for the financial position of the company. And I can also easily customise the dashboard – it’s great!

The payroll feature in Reckon One has also made it very quick and easy for me to pay myself – and my accountant is linked into the system so any time he has a query he can just look into it.

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