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Free STP mobile app!

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At Reckon we believe in helping small businesses get in the zone and perform at their best with the least hindrance possible.

We are also aware that one of the biggest changes to Payroll reporting is about to drop in a few short months – Single Touch Payroll. To that end, we decided to create Australia’s only free STP app for micro businesses (1-4 employees).

As Reckon CEO Sam Allert states:

“Small business owners have enough to worry about without the distraction of admin and red tape, so we designed a simple, free and STP-compliant app that can run on the devices that most people have in their pockets,”

The ATO has our STP app on top of their recommendation list and distinctly opposed to other vendors, we built it from the ground up as a purpose-made application instead of stripping down old software of its functionality.

Who is this free STP app for?

Everyone single business in Australia who has between 1-4 employees needs this app to remain STP compliant.

As of July 1st every single business in fact needs to be reporting payroll to the ATO via Single Touch Payroll. We all need to get with STP now or face the wrath of being non-compliant.

The situation:

  • Australian businesses with 1-4 employees need this app before STP kicks in on the 1st of July 2019.
  • If you need to be STP compliant but don’t need complex software – this is for you.
  • This is the biggest compliance change since GST, impacting more than 454,000 microbusinesses
  • 21% of microbusiness admit non-compliance, or that they ‘don’t know’. Is this you?

Why did we do this?

When the ATO announced a new compliance legislation called Single Touch Payroll in 2015 we knew it would have a major impact on Australian businesses. Aware of how many businesses do not even use cloud accounting apps, we also realised this would be rather jolting.

So how would we assist Australian micro businesses who have not used, nor ever needed cloud accounting software before?

We built a free STP app just for you.

“Some providers updated their full solution for STP, while others extracted the payroll functionality from their existing solution. Instead, we decided to develop a custom mobile app for businesses to submit their payroll info to the ATO easily and quickly – and we made it completely free!” – Sam Allert

You need to go digital

“Many microbusinesses are still doing ‘shoebox accounting’ without payroll software that can save time and money. This might be because they’re reluctant to digitise their operations due to limited capabilities, internet access, or cost.” – Sam Allert

However, it is no longer viable for small businesses to use Excel, paper or desktop solutions – the time has come for cloud accounting software.

We do have an extremely competitive cloud accounting solution for small businesses called Reckon One which is designed for small business and of course allows STP compliance.

However, you may not even need that much functionality at this stage and simply want to comply! This is exactly why we are offering this purpose built Single Touch Payroll App at no cost – to help Aussies comply without forcing them onto software they may not yet need.

Find the app here.

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