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We make STP compliance easy with four affordable Single Touch Payroll software options for Aussie small business owners. With everything from a mobile app to a comprehensive payroll solution with unlimited employees just $12/month, there’s something for everyone.

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*Offer only available to new Reckon customers. Your subscription amount is 50% off for the first 6 months. The offer applies to the first Reckon One book only. The coupon code must be used to receive the discount. The offer expires on 30/09/23 unless withdrawn earlier. Transactions that exceed the 1000 limit will be subject to the BankData Fair Use Policy.
Why has Payday filing been introduced? In 2018, the New Zealand Government passed Payday filing legislation to streamline the payroll process by aligning payroll reporting requirements with your normal pay cycle. Payday filing replaces your Employer Monthly Schedule (IR348) if you file online or your Employer Schedule (IR348) if you’re a paper filer. Payday filing also makes it easier to spot and correct mistakes as soon as they’re made and ensures the Government receives up-to-date information for calculating yours and your employees tax and entitlements.

Reckon One Payroll

Need STP reporting + a comprehensive payroll solution? This STP solution is for you.

Payroll software that helps you manage wages, leave, superannuation, payslips and Single Touch Payroll for unlimited employees for just $12/month. A payroll system that manages all the compliance aspects of payroll including PAYG withholding, SuperStream, leave entitlements & STP compliance. It’s the perfect solution for small businesses that need an easy and affordable way to pay their employees.

Reckon Payroll App

Need STP reporting + a comprehensive payroll solution all form your mobile?

Payroll doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve created a user-friendly mobile app that anyone can pick up and master in just minutes. Available on iOS & Android you can create a pay run, manage STP, PAYG and entitlements on the go, from wherever your business takes you!

What is bank reconciliation? Bank reconciliation is the process of comparing the cash activity in your financial records to the transactions on your bank statement to help identify any mistakes and monitor cash flow. Once BankData is connected to your bank, your latest banking and credit card transactions flow in to Reckon One automatically, ready for you to reconcile.

Reckon One

Manage everything with comprehensive payroll software & accounting together in one solution.

Manage wages, leave, super and Single Touch Payroll for unlimited employees! The solution also comes with all the accounting basics including the ability to track and manage GST for BAS, & stay compliant with the ATO. You can also record expenses and payments, access 20+ insightful reports and budgeting making it an ideal low-cost solution for growing small businesses in Australia.

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