For over 25 years, our business range was known as QuickBooks® and Quicken® to the Australian market.

Reckon built up QuickBooks® as a household name, investing millions of dollars into marketing and product development, winning the loyalty and support of hundreds of thousands of businesses.

Then in 2012 we decided to give that all up, ending the exclusive deal we had to build and customise Reckon QuickBooks® software in Australia, along with our QuickBooks® and Quicken® brand names. We did this because we felt our contract with Intuit QuickBooks® was acting as an anchor, delaying progress and rendering us helpless in the face of rising competitors.

It was a bold move. We returned to our original founding name: ‘Reckon’, and placed all our confidence, like never before, with in-house talent and a strong culture of innovation. The first wave of those efforts are now beginning to roll out with our exciting Reckon One online accounting software release.

In the end, being held back for so long by QuickBooks® was a blessing. We had the advantage of seeing what the competition did, made better future-proof technology decisions and developed a user experience to be envied. Reckon One has achieved levels of product maturity several times faster than what our competitors have managed and on some pretty fancy modern technology.

Now we’re ready and it’s game on.

Explore our Reckon QuickBooks® next generation online accounting software Reckon One and see why it’s the perfect QuickBooks alternative.

Or if you’re a much larger business, learn about our Reckon Accounts Hosted accounting software (based on the Reckon QuickBooks® Hosted code base from 2011 with all the benefits of the cloud).

For those interested in more detail around the Reckon and QuickBooks® relationship, visit a timeline of Reckon’s history.