Understand your customers

Track purchasing habits and build better customer relationships.

Get to know your customers


Create customer accounts and add notes or preferences to their profiles so you have all of the info you need to connect with your customers anytime they shop with you. When you know your customers needs and habits you can provide them with personalised offers and experiences. You can even fill out social media handles and emails for future marketing campaigns.

Reward your loyal customers


Do you have a set of regulars that love your business? It costs less to retain a customer than to acquire a new one so reward them! Classify customers into groups and offer them exclusive promotions, birthday rewards, VIP discounts or punch cards. Set up a promotion in Reckon Cloud POS in minutes and then access it easily from your checkout home screen.

Next level customer service


Reckon Cloud POS helps you provide your customers a unique shopping experience they can’t get elsewhere. View your customers sales history so you know what they bought and when, helping you to anticipate their shopping behavior and make relevant suggestions to sell more.

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