Bank Data Fair Use Policy


  1. This Fair Use Policy applies to the BankData services provided by Reckon.
  2. This Fair Use Policy ensures that the BankData services are used reasonably and in a way that does not impact on the experience of Reckon customers.
  3. Reckon reserves the right to amend this Fair Use Policy from time to time upon notice to you.


You must not, in using the BankData services:

  1. exceed 1000 transactions per month;
  2. use the BankData services in a fraudulent manner; and
  3. cause material network congestion that could adversely affect the ability of Reckon to provide services to its’ customers.

Our Rights

  1. Reckon may, at its discretion, charge you an amount of 6c (exclusive of GST) for each downloaded transaction over 1000 in a given month.
  2. In the event of repeated behaviour in breach of this Fair Use Policy, Reckon may suspend or terminate your access to the BankData services upon notice to you.

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