From start-ups to large corporations and educational institutions, we work with companies who recognise the value of our software ecosystem and have a common goal to make running a business easier for small business owners.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Partners

As trusted advisers to their small business clients, accountants & bookkeepers support the productivity, growth and prosperity of small business and we are proud to partner with these leading professional bodies.

Technology Partners

Reckon collaborates with a range of infrastructure and application technology partners to deliver value, innovation and specific expertise to our range solutions and enable us to provide the best to our customers.

Finance Partners

As cash flow is such an important part of running a successful business we’ve partnered with leading FinTech providers to help our customers get paid faster and improve access to business funding.

Industry Partners

To improve the financial management of small business owners across a wide range of industries we have partnered with several leading industry bodies to gain their expertise and enable this mission.

Education Partners

We’ve partnered with leading education providers across ANZ to provide access to our software as as part of their training materials, inspiring the next generation of accountants and bookkeepers to the industry.

Add-on Partners

Our add-on marketplace has a range of apps that connect to Reckon accounting software, allowing our customers to build out a custom solution and improve their productivity.

Want to Partner with Reckon?

If your organisation would like to Partner with Reckon please email & we’ll get in touch.