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Create a new trust in 3 simple steps

Australian trust deeds with a quick turnaround & easy application process.

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1. Submit your application

Create an account & fill our application form.
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2. Approval form ASIC

Out legal team works on your trust deed.

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3. Trust ready to go

Receive trust deed documentation and your ready to go.

Why choose Reckon Docs to create your trust deed?

Professional trust deeds with 30 years experience

Our trust deeds are prepared by leading law firm P G Gell Legal Services.With over 30 years of experience behind our trust deeds service  you can rely on the quality and professionalism Reckon Docs provides. We offer Discretionary (Family), Unit, or Fixed Trusts with everything you need to set your trust up.

What's included?
  • Trust Deed
  • Minutes of Directors
  • Bank Letter
  • Application for Units (if Unit Trust)
  • Certificate (if Unit Trust)
  • Register of Unit Holders (if Unit Trust)
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Easily create a trust with next day turn around

Let us do the heavy lifting. Simply fill out our easy online application and we’ll do the rest! Trust deeds documentation is emailed to you instantly upon preparation and printed documentation delivered next business day if ordered by 2pm AEST.

Best customer & legal support in the business

Telephone and email support provided through our dedicated Australia-based customer service team. You can also get free over-the-phone advice on the legal aspects of your purchased trust deed from our legal team.

Accounts Hosted makes it easy to customise, create, and email invoices to your customers.

Trust deed pricing

Our trust deeds are quick, easy and affordable.




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A discretionary (family) trust is generally used by families to hold investment assets or to conduct a family owned business. Trustee(s) have the choice to allocate and distribute income and capital to the beneficiaries. Providing flexibility for streaming income and multiple beneficiaries.

Spacesaver binder printing + $60

Deluxe binder printing +$77




Electronic delivery

Are generally used to conduct investment or trading activities between “unrelated” parties. The structure of a Unit Trust and Fixed Trust is similar to a Company. In a Company, members hold shares in proportion to their investment in the Company.

Spacesaver binder printing + $60

Deluxe binder printing +$77

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