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Set up a Standard SMSF Trust Deed from only $162.76 (including GST) using our Electronic option and receive the following:

  • SMSF Trust Deed
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Instruction Pack
  • Product Disclosure Statement
  • Trustee Consent/ Declaration Form
  • Trustee Minutes

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  • Application for Membership
  • Death Benefit Nomination Forms
  • Bank Pack
  • Investment Strategy
  • Notification to Contributing Employer

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Deluxe Binder

(+$77 inc. GST)

  • A black soft-touch two-ring binder
  • Documents printed, collated and bound
  • Includes 2 bound copies and 1 unbound copy of the SMSF Trust Deed
  • Delivered next business day if ordered by 2:00 pm AEST
  • Emailed to you instantly*

Space Saver

(+$60 inc. GST)

  • A black slimline box-file
  • Documents printed, collated and bound
  • Delivered next business day if ordered by 2:00 pm AEST
  • Emailed to you instantly*



  • Emailed to you instantly* if all information is provided correctly
  • Includes all the above documents emailed to you as a PDF
* Subject to ASIC approval of the online registration. Reckon Docs is not liable for any delays due to ASIC response times, errors or omissions in your application.

We give each Self Managed Super Fund special attention

Professional documentation

SMSF Trust Deeds prepared by P G Gell Legal Services.

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Free legal support

Obtain free over-the-phone advice on the legal aspects of your purchased document.

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Emailed to you instantly, printed documentation delivered next business day if order is received by 2pm AEST.

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Choose two types of Self Managed Super Funds.


Standard SMSF Trust Deed

Reckon Docs Standard SMSF Trust Deeds are our most popular product. Features include:

  • Trustee flexibility in the administration of the fund
  • Ability for spouses to split super contributions between accounts and funds
  • Detailed rules regarding payment of benefits in the event of a member’s death
  • Ability for trustee to adopt changes without amending the trust deed
  • Written Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)

Set up a Standard SMSF Trust Deed for only $162.76 (including GST).

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Strategist SMSF Trust Deed

Reckon Docs Strategist SMSF Deed is a premium deed, prepared and maintained by P G Gell Legal Services, in order to implement today’s SMSF strategies for clients as well as incorporate future strategic opportunities.

The Strategist SMSF Deed undergoes regularly reviews by a panel of SMSF experts to ensure it is always up to date with latest legislation and strategies. The Strategist deed has 2 key attributes that set it apart from other SMSF Trust Deeds:

  • Education
  • Strategy
More details

The format of the Strategist SMSF Deed includes clear and simple product disclosure information, which greatly assists clients’ understanding of the benefits available to them within their SMSF, the importance of their Trust Deed, and their responsibilities as trustees. Other features include:

  • Educational format assisting both advisers and trustees
  • Product Disclosure Statement
  • Flexible succession planning
  • Additional minutes to assist with new members and making contributions
  • Trustee flexibility in the administration of the fund
  • Ability for spouses to split super contributions between accounts and trusts
  • Ability for trustee to adopt changes in legislation without amending the deed

Set up a Strategist SMSF Trust Deed for only $395.81 (including GST).

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Ongoing amendments.

As circumstances change you may be required to amend, replace or update your existing SMSF Trust Deed. Reckon Docs can amend your existing SMSF Trust Deeds, which are customised to your requirements and reviewed by P G Gell Legal Services.

SMSF Borrowing Arrangement (Bare Trust)

A Reckon Docs ‘SMSF Borrowing Arrangement’ Package allows trustees to borrow through their SMSF to acquire or invest in assets such as:

  • Investment properties
  • Share portfolios
  • Units in a unit trust
More details

There are a number of factors that trustees need to address when considering a SMSF Borrowing Arrangement structure such as:

  • Does the SMSF deed currently allow borrowing to invest? or
  • Does the SMSF require a corporate trustee?

Trustees should note that there are limitations around what assets a SMSF can purchase, especially from a relative, friend, or other associate. Reckon Docs advises that trustees should seek individual professional advice around what assets they can acquire through their SMSF.

SMSF Borrowing Arrangement Deed

Content includes:

  • SMSF Borrowing Arrangement (Bare Trust)
  • Guide to the SMSF Borrowing Arrangement
  • Investment Strategy amendment clauses for Real Estate and Listed Securities
  • Minutes for the Fund Resolution
  • Warrant Certificate
  • Minutes for the Issue Resolution
  • Loan Agreement (if self-funding)
  • Relevant excerpts from the SIS Act (for your information)
  • A Checklist of what to do once you receive your SMSF Borrowing Arrangement

Order your SMSF Borrowing Arrangement Deed

Investment Strategy

Superannuation laws provide that the trustee of a SMSF must formulate and give effect to an investment strategy for the fund. An appropriate investment strategy should reflect the investment objectives of the fund and detail the investment methods the trustee will adopt in achieving those objectives.

More details

When formulating an investment strategy, the trustee may seek written professional advice however overall responsibility remains with the trustee.

The investment strategy must have regard to the whole of the circumstances surrounding the Fund including, but not limited to:

  • The risk involved in making, holding and realising, and the likely return from the Fund’s or member’s investments and the trustee’s expected cash flow requirements
  • The composition of the Fund’s investments as a whole including the extent to which the investments are diverse or involve the Fund being exposed to risks from inadequate diversification
  • The liquidity of the Fund’s investments having regard to its expected cash flow requirements; and
  • The ability of the Fund to discharge its existing and future liabilities
  • All investment decisions must be recorded in writing and the trustee must ensure that all investment decisions are made in accordance with the investment strategy.

Establish an Investment Strategy from $58.14

Pension documents

Docs Pension Documents are for use in the establishment of the new account based pensions available in a SMSF as well as covering the compliance required for the transition of an existing allocated pension to an account based pension.

More details

The SMSF Pension Documents also accommodate transition to retirement, reversionary beneficiaries, and the segregation (if applicable) of the pension assets. Reckon Docs Pension Documents include:

  • All member notices, and trustee minutes and notices
  • Pension terms and conditions
  • Pension schedules and checklists

Order your SMSF Pension documents from $306

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