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It’s easy to move from your existing accounting system to Reckon with our data conversion service.


*Free standard conversion only includes chart of accounts list, item list (inventory quantities on hand are not included), customer list, supplier list and employee list (name and address only). Additional cost and a custom conversion quote will be provided if the combined total of the lists contain more than 500 records, or if converting summary balances (account, customer or supplier), employee payroll setup, employee YTD balances, or if converting transactions (open, unpaid or closed invoice, bills, cheques, payments, paycheques, journals, etc.).

How it works

Step 1: Send your details

Complete our form to ask for Reckon’s data conversion service.

Step 2: Leave it with us

We will reach out to you to start the data conversion process.

Step 3: Review

After 3 to 5 business days, your data conversion will be complete. We will contact you and ask you to review your data.

Step 4: Confirm

Once you are happy with your converted data, we will transfer ownership of your files to you.

“Great conversion from Xero. Good customer service, and a much better price”

Lindsay Forwood, Express Pest

Request for Data Conversion Support

Simply fill in your details below and we’ll be in touch to  arrange your conversion.

Have a question?


If you have any questions on data conversion, please read the FAQs below or contact us directly via email at

For general questions about Reckon accounting solutions, please contact Reckon.

Frequently asked questions

What software can you convert for me?

We can convert the Australian versions of the software below

  • BankLink
  • Manual/Spreadsheets
  • MYOB AccountRight 2011 and above (MYOX)
  • MYOB AccountRight Enterprise Premier V19 or earlier (MYO)
  • MYOB Essentials
  • QuickBooks 12/13 and earlier
  • QuickBooks Online (Intuit)
  • Reckon Accounts 2013/14 and above
  • Reckon Accounts Hosted
  • Reckon Online Cashbook
  • Xero

If your accounting program is not listed above, please contact us at and we will try to assist you.

What data will Reckon convert for me and at what cost?

We will transfer the following data at no cost to the Reckon product of your choice:

  • Chart of accounts list
  • Customer list
  • Supplier lists
  • Items list

Free standard data conversion does not include account, customer or supplier balances, and any individual transactions such as bills, invoices, cheques, etc.


Balances are entered as of the last BAS quarter reporting period. We recommend you finalise your BAS before proceeding with a free standard data conversion from Reckon.

warning-iconIf you have more than 500 combined list entries (accounts, items, customer, supplier, employees) then a quote will be provided for a paid data conversion.

What if I require more data to be converted?

If you need to convert additional data that is not listed above, a custom conversion is required. For custom data conversions, we will contact you to arrange a personalised quote.

I want to start a data conversion. Where do I start?
  1. Enter your details to request for Reckon’s data conversion service.
  2. Once we have received your form submission, we will initiate the data conversion process. Once completed, we will invite you to review the results.
  3. Once you have confirmed you are happy with your converted data, we will transfer ownership of your files to you.

What information should I prepare before the conversion process?

Before starting your data conversion, please have the following information on hand:

  • Your company and contact details
  • Your existing data file, including login credentials (Username and passwords)

How long will it take to transfer my data?

The data conversion process normally takes three to five business days to complete. If you have a particularly large file, please allow extra time for us to process your data.

I already have a Reckon (desktop/online) product. Can I move my data to that product?

Yes. If you have an existing Reckon product, please indicate the details of the account on the conversion request form.

Can I start using my new Reckon software before my data conversion is complete?

We don’t advise you to enter data while a conversion is taking place as it may interfere with the conversion process.

Is there anything I shouldn't do during the conversion process?

We advise you not to enter any new information during the conversion process. Any new data you enter into your existing file will not be present in your new converted file.