The Future of Pay

Our Partnership with CashD

We’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with CashD to provide an on-demand pay solution.

How does it work?

The CashD app syncs with our software to enable your employees to gain access to their accrued pay at any time during the pay cycle – at no cost to your business! CashD is not a loan, it simply offers your employees the flexibility of accessing a portion of their pay prior to pay day.

The world of pay is changing – and we can launch you into the future!

Key features and benefits include:

24/7 Instant Withdrawals

Allow your employees to withdraw their pay instantly from CashD’s mobile app, at any time during the pay cycle with zero cost to your business – freeing up cash flow and reducing worker financial stress.

No lock-in contracts, credit checks or hidden costs

There are no lock-in contracts, credit checks or hidden costs for your business or your employees. It’s easy to get started!


All employer and employee data is encrypted and hosted in the cloud to provide the highest level of security, just like your own bank would use.

Empower your employees to choose how and when they get paid, giving them more flexibility and control over their wages.

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