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Field Service Management, Job Costing, and Time/Rostering


Accounting and Construction & Trades


Australia and New Zealand

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iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, Android tablet, Microsoft Windows, and Mac

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Tradezquote Pty Ltd

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The app that every trade needs.

All of your job costing, invoicing, communication and job management needs in one simple system.

Key features:

  • Quoting: Create and cost new projects remotely or at home. Easily create new quotes from previous jobs to populate costing from old, Provide payment schedules with your terms of trade, Provide fixed pricing for standing offer arrangements and understand your overheads.
  • Quote tracking: Receive notifications when a client tags a job successful or unsuccessful. Manage jobs and job files in quote stage, active projects, a completed project and declined projects. Easily generates client folders, and easily search for past and present projects.
  • Invoicing: Integrates with various accounting software, 1 button invoice progress claims generated from you payment schedule, automatically update invoice list for variations when accepted, automatically email with your invoice a dispute notice to help clarify any issues when getting paid.
  • Time saving: Drag and drop plans and specifications into job specific folders for your staff and clients to access remotely, Access on desktop PC’s, mobiles and tablets, stay on the go and send documents easily from site- its just like sending a text but easier to find later.
  • Communication between you and your employees: Auto generate an access point and password for your workers, creates a communication tool between subcontractors and staff, allocate jobs to employees and subcontractors letting them see only what you choose, provide selected clearance access to each employee of subcontractor and allows to send you an alert to confirm stage completion.
  • Job management and compliance: Provide documentation through out the projects lifespan from quoting stage through to completion such as: Requests for Information, Variations, progress claims, notice of delays, stop work notices, time extension notices, certificate of practical completion, Defect notice, notice of dispute and certificate of satisfaction, it also alerts you when contracts and personal insurances are about to expire.
  • Accounting software compatible: Creates and recognises customer accounts, Easily provides access to your accountant to help keep your overheads updated, imports previous clients from your cloud based accounting software so you don’t have to enter them twice and uploads new customers to your accounting software.
  • Communication between you and your clients: Creates a communication tool between you and your clients, auto generates an access point and temporary password for your clients, automatically invites your clients to communicate through the system with each document, provides clients on line access to see project specific communication, save and file all communication for you and your client in the project specific file for future reference.
  • Easy to use and flexible to suit most business: Designed specifically for tradies and small builders, Pricing structure has been designed to be scalable to meet your business needs and size, print out various performance reports, Easily back up zip files of every job file, keep updates on your usage and billing information on the spot and no lock in contracts.
  • Customer relationship management: Allows you and your employees to create client notes and reminders for follow ups in the client folder. Enter a lead as it comes in or tick a project if you are waiting on information, you can set a date that you need to call them back and receive a reminder in the system when it comes up. Makes it easier to track and follow up past leads or current clients from the client page.

Why use this app?

  • To simplify and speed up the quoting process
  • To have a better understanding of overheads and business costs
  • To create a simpler way to manage smaller scale projects
  • To simplify invoicing and book keeping processes
  • To help business be more mobile in project documentation
  • To be more efficient and to comply with requirements
  • To create a more automated way of inputting customer data across documents
  • Helps improve with communication between business and their customers and employees
  • Helps you understand the performance of your business
  • Helps improve on project management systems and creates a platform for employees to work with you and not just for you

Who is it for?
All trades and builders in the construction industry.

What type of data is shared between the app and Reckon?

  • Customers
  • Invoice

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