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Ostendo adds advanced inventory, job costing, replenishment, manufacturing, scheduling, quality control, service, mobility, distribution and dynamic reporting to Reckon Accounts.

Ostendo assists Reckon custom job shops, fabricators and manufacturers get work and make a profit by putting the operations team in the driving seat of the manufacturing and jobbing system. Success areas often include
(i) accurate inventory management with full traceability from raw materials to finished goods,

(ii) quality control through data capture systems,

(iii) identifying the actual costs to make a finished product and

(iv) real live time capture and performance information for operators, technicans and supervisors. You now have the choice to quote more accurately, track actual costs against estimates and schedule jobs through production the best way possible. Process automation enables data capture and timesheets to be recorded through shop floor data collection screens, using bar code scanners as well as biometric identification for staff attendance. Installation and service technicians can be mobile on the freeway and record timesheets on their smartphones or remote tablets. Barcode mobile scanners are ideal for picking and dispatching stock especially items with serial number tracking and other unique properties. Be flexible, be mobile and know what’s happening with Reckon and Ostendo.

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Key features:

  • Stock Control – Full variant control with traceability for batch and serial numbers, expiry datas, barcodes, apparel order matrices, warranties, multi-site / warehouse and locations, mass replacement and stock replenishment. Barcode scanning for multiple warehouse and site management, scan to pick and EDI for third party logistics contractors.
  • Customised Process Workflows – Allows you to de-clutter a staff member’s view and place only objects that relate to the process, increasing efficiency.
  • Custom Reports – Multiple reporting styles allow for paper based reporting, pivots, excel style grids, charts and inquiry grid views. Over 300+ reports out of the box and ability to modify or create your own with full access to all tables with SQL query engine and report designer.
  • Bills of Material – Standard multi-level bills or fully configurable on the fly by script or through feature and option selection. Ostendo can be as simple or complex as required with constraint / bottleneck resource scheduling for assemblies and jobs.
  • Multi Costing – Ostendo is able to perform cost roll ups either by Actual Cost, Last Cost, Standard Cost or Buy Price.
  • Landed Cost – Tracking shipments from order to arrival in multiple currencies, applying landed costs by line type i.e. Weight, Quantity, Duty, Price and Volume.
  • Work in Progress – Option for full cost capture include time and materials or alternative back flush BOM materials and labour on receipt.
  • Quality Assurance – capture of key manufacturing data via app including quality checklists and recording of key data captured against order.
  • Time Capture – Includes the capture of start and stop time against order using app – Tablet or Mobile device.
  • Information – Full image, document control allows production managers to provide key drawings / document data to production staff.
  • Other Functions – CRM, ticketing, quoting with catalogues and inventory, comprehensive special pricing and discount matrix, purchasing, MRP, distribution with point of sale; job costing and projects with progress claims and retentions; jobs tracking by stage and task; process and discrete manufacturing along with make to order custom products; and preventive service maintenance of assets.

Why use this app?

Benefits will vary for each business depending on what your objectives are. Here are the benefits a process manufacturer of insulation products receives from Ostendo from their production, distribution and time & attendance processes.

Using Ostendo as a production system with full bar code scanning:
Manufacturing Manager commented:

  • Accuracy of stock.
  • Reliable weight and quality information recorded with one scan as products come off the production line.
  • Easy extraction of data from the Ostendo system to support process control decisions.
  • 100% confidence that no reject product will go out to a customer.
  • From the serial number on a bale used by a customer we can identify the source of materials used, weight and measurement data, operators running the plant and the plant conditions at the time.

Line Supervisor commented:

  • No need to write down weight and quality data. Everyone likes that.
  • We have an accurate inventory count off the end of the line without tally checks.
  • No shortcuts on quality are possible.

Using Ostendo to dispatch trucks and containers with full bar code scanning:
Dispatch and Logistics Manager commented:

  • We now have the information we need instantly at our fingertips.
  • The scanning system is perfect for stock control and enables us to see bales of insulation in stock and available for dispatch within seconds of the time they are finished on the production line.

Using Ostendo for staff attendance with biometric hand scanner identification:
Manufacturing Manager commented:

  • Buddy punching where one staff member clocks another in has been reduced to zero.
  • Staff had a sense of increased fairness and confidence that the clock in and clock out times were their own.
  • Staff adopted the new system quickly and it soon proved to be a robust way of recording attendance times.
  • Vetting and preparation of times for wage records was significantly reduced.

Factory Manager commented:

  • I no longer need to decipher and enter time card data. Ostendo now automatically brings back clock in and clock out times and calculates attendance times for me to review on my computer.
  • The guys have found the hand scanner easy and simple to use.
  • The overall system has enabled accurate inventory, process and product data to be captured easily and create a uniform and efficient approach throughout the company.

Who is it for?

  • Manufacturers – Process and Discrete.
  • Job Shops – Fabrication and One Off Custom Builds.
  • Sales, Service and Repairs.
  • Equipment and Preventive Maintenance.
  • Trades, Contractors, Construction and Projects.
  • Importers and Distributors with a Retail Shop.


What type of data is shared between the app and Reckon?

  • Customer
  • Product
  • Pricing
  • Payment
  • Image
  • Sales order
  • Invoice

Ostendo inventory dashboard


testimonials stars

Ostendo assisted us to replace all the spreadsheets with one comprehensive inventory tracking system Ostendo that automatically updates Reckon, giving us instant visibility of everything in our business. As the office manager, I now have time to do more high end reporting as the manual processes are all automated.

— Paula Downey, QHSE / Office Manager / PA | Davey Bickford Australia Pty Ltd

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