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Cosmic Invoice

Cosmic Invoice

For: Reckon Accounts Hosted AU and Reckon Accounts Hosted NZ

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Data Sync and Payment & Invoicing


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Android smartphone, Android tablet, and Microsoft Windows

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Cosmic Innovations

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Free to use mobile invoicing add-on for Reckon Accounts Hosted


Key features:

The most innovative mobile invoice add-on for Reckon Accounts Hosted is here!

  • Invoice by item
  • Invoice by service item
  • Enter descriptions up to 400 words
  • Send data to Reckon Accounts Hosted from your Android smartphone
  • Send invoices to your clients from your Android smartphone
  • Automatically attach PDF invoices and instantly send the invoice to your customer
  • Edit invoices via the mobile app
  • Set your own invoice prefix to distinguish it from an invoice entered in Reckon Accounts Hosted
  • Any new customers created will sync every 15 mins with the mobile app
  • Choose Class and Job number options
  • Create and send invoices on your desktop computer
  • 100% up time. Have the ability to create and send invoices on the road even when you are not connected to Reckon Accounts Hosted
  • First of its kind camera for job site. Take photos of damaged job site and send them to your client instantly. You can also attach the images to an invoice
  • Offline mobile invoicing
  • Visually appealing invoice templates, which can be sent to your client instantly
  • Call out description field: enter details of your job
  • Edit or delete invoices from the app
  • Online credit card payment via Stripe Payment for your customers. Receive money from your customers in less than 2 days and improve your cash flow. Plus, your customers can earn reward points with their credit card provider


Why use this app?

Have the ability to send invoices to your customers instantly and automatically sync the data with Reckon Accounts Hosted.

Who is it for?

ALL service industries including builders, electrical, air conditioners etc.

Comic Invoice is a Free mobile app (Android)

What type of data is shared between the app and Reckon?

  • Customers
  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Payments
  • Sales orders
  • Invoice


testimonials stars

I have been looking to go mobile with Reckon Hosted for a while as I do a lot of out of the office stuff. Cosmic Innovations has developed an app for this purpose and has bent over backwards to help me get it up and running with all my info transferred across. It’s a life saver as I can now invoice on the spot with it all linked back to the office.

— Paul | Quinnies Auto Electrical and Mobile Air Conditioning

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