Welcome to week 4 of the illustrated guide to GST for Australian small business, where we’re going to tackle how to issue and obtain tax invoices. If you’re starting mid-stream and want to get a full understanding of GST from the beginning then please click on one of the weeks below.
Week 1: Visual guide to GST for Australian small business

Week 2: Do you need to register your business for GST?

Week 3: Visual guide to taxable, input taxed and GST free sales

GST-registered clients purchasing goods more than $82.50 (inc. GST) will need a tax invoice to claim credits.

There are two sets of requirements for tax invoices, and they depend on whether your sale is for:

  • Less than $1,000 OR
  • $1,000 or more

Sales less than $1,000 tax invoice requirements

So very simply here is a graphical illustration of some of the requirements visually at a high level that you would need to have when issuing a tax invoice less than $1,000:


For a little more detail, in a ‘cheat sheet’ checklist format, here is a list of what is required:


Tax invoice requirements for sales $1,000 or more

In the same format as the above, here is a visual of the type of information that is required at a high level on this type of tax invoice:


And like the above, for those detail-oriented people, here is the same information in a checklist for you to tick off to your hearts content:


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