Successful people are often the focus of curiosity and inquiry as they seem to possess something we desire. It’s natural to investigate what makes a person successful in the hopes of emulating that success. So what are some of the key characteristics that seem to dominate successful entrepreneurs?

1) They exercise

A surprisingly common and widespread habit of successful entrepreneurs is the tendency to work exercise into their regular week or day. Exercise, as we are increasingly aware is not merely a great way to stay physically fit and tuned, but also has an incredible impact on boosting mental health, reducing stress and maintaining a clear head.

It isn’t hard to  see why this is so appealing to high powered entrepreneurs, who will routinely encounter all manner of pressure in their work week. By taking time to develop an exercise routine, you give yourself that definitive edge and resilience required to really succeed. Benefits of regular exercise include:

  • Cognition improvement
  • Memory improvement
  • Mood elevation
  • Better quality sleep
  • Creativity and problem solving booster
  • Improves confidence and self image.
  • A multitude of physical and mental health benefits

2) They have a routine

Creating and sticking to a routine is another primary characteristic of a successful entrepreneur. Alongside an exercise routine, you should be maximising your waking hours and increasing productivity by scheduling a habitual routine.

We are not talking about a calendar of meetings here either but rather a structure to your day which reduces procrastination, keeps you sane, makes great use of available time while removing a lot of stress, indecision and dead time. Creating a healthy routine also ensures important meal times, morning chores and social/family time never get neglected in your chaotic life.

3) They sleep

Throw away the Margaret Thatcher idea of a 4 hour sleep schedule surrounded on all sides by constant productivity. This may kill you. Sleep is not, as some may have you think, a waste of time or a sign of laziness but the most important thing you can do with your time.

If you do not allow time in your for a full night of restful sleep free from distraction then you will be at risk of the following:

  • Increased stress and decreased happiness
  • High blood pressure
  • Poor cognition and memory
  • High rates of illness
  • Low mental and physical performance

4) They are genuine

If your goal here is purely to get rich, you are doing it wrong. A successful entrepreneur will of course need to eat and keep their family off the street but getting rich should be one of the last considerations. Genuine passion for succeeding and materialising a true vision is what it is all about.

In a manner of speaking, wealth becomes a sort of scorecard to gauge that success rather than a goal in itself. You need to want to make something happen, you really need to be backing your business idea and end goals by concentrating on your market and mission.

Concentrating on wealth can result in you cutting corners, underpaying staff, short-changing your customers and failing to take the time to truly understand what the market needs.