It’s one of the best decisions we made!

We knew we needed a system that was transportable as we are a growing business that will move premises in the first six months, and depending on growth, possibly again within two years.

Who are we?

Equity Partners is a start-up accounting business specialising in business advisory and taxation advice to high net wealth clients, and financial management consultancy, assurance and taxation advisory services to Commonwealth Government agencies. Our founders were former Partners in a second tier accounting firm.

Our growth

The hard work and in-demand expertise of our founding partners has helped the firm grow substantially in its first six months. But central to this has been the back office structure and support that has allowed us to effectively deliver this first rate service to our clients.

Reckon APS Private Cloud has provided us the IT solution from which we’ve been able to excel from. It has given us flexibility of access, scalability – we can adapt it with our short and long term strategy. We’ve really enjoyed the ability to securely give more mobility to our staff by allowing them to them work from home or onsite with our clients.

Why we chose Private Cloud

Private Cloud provides us with a consistent cost structure for all our software and IT requirements from one provider. If we’d chosen a traditional system (server based), we would have had a software provider, an IT provider, separate costs for both providers, and a significant amount of down-time dealing with each of them.

A major benefit of the cloud cost structure for us is, as a new and growing business, due to the lower upfront costs compared to traditional systems, we’re able to divert our financial resources into recruiting the right people earlier.

Access anywhere, anytime

Private Cloud gives the team mobility to work form anywhere – so important in this digital world. Giving staff the flexibility to easily and efficiently work from home is hugely beneficial in terms of engagement and retention, and being able to work directly with clients at their offices is so important to our relationships with them – being ‘seen’ and immersing ourselves as part of their team onsite is invaluable!

Importantly Private Cloud allows staff to operate directly on the system from wherever they might be at the time, with no requirement to replicate files or backup onto the server when they come back to the office.

The service and support we get feels personal

After working in a large office environment with a significant IT department, you become used to a high level of service. With Private Cloud, we obtained the same high level of service at a fraction of the cost – hardware and software are updated in the background with minimal disruption to us, allowing us to do what we do best.

It’s one of the best decisions we made!

Before deciding on Private Cloud we undertook a cost comparison of on premise vs. cloud-based. We knew we needed a system that was transportable as we are a growing business that will move premises in the first six months, and depending on growth, possibly again within two years. We also knew that, whilst we could have the right system, we also needed access to the right people with the technical expertise to assist us. We couldn’t afford any down time and needed the expertise “at call” to minimise interruption.

We also considered the security of our clients’ information, backup of information, and integration of our software.

Private Cloud was a clear winner

So far we’ve chosen to use the Practice Management, Xcede Professional Accounting and Tax elements of the Reckon APS suite, as well as the Corporate Register module. Additionally, Reckon APS constantly updates their suite so we knew we’d always be using the most up-to-date software which was also important to us.

We’re incredibly happy to continue using Private Cloud

We believe the Private Cloud will be the operating environment for most accounting firms within five years. The push towards compliance work being outsourced to lower cost jurisdictions in Australia and overseas lends itself to this environment. In addition, having one provider for all of our firm’s software and hardware requirements provides operating efficiency and allows the team to concentrate on our clients.

Private Cloud offers us the ability to be mobile, upscale quickly, its portable, and presents an overall solution whereby our firms ability to grow is limited by only one thing, us.

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