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Tall Emu CRM

Tall Emu CRM

For: Reckon Accounts Hosted AU and Reckon Accounts Hosted NZ

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All data relating to your company can be stored and shared via Tall Emu. Tall Emu helps you get data into CRM without massive data entry. Data from Reckon, Outlook, website, telephone and marketing activities can be stored automatically. Have a 360 view of customer interactions and your business processes.

Key features:

  • Accounts link: Tall Emu CRM talks to your accounting system to share data about customers, sales , products and payments. The connection allows historic data to be available to your sales team , as well as updating your accounting system when new customers are created and new sales are made.
  • Intelligence in your inbox – Inbox 360: When your clients or leads email you, Tall Emu’s Inbox 360 Outlook plugin shows your team critical information about their relationship with them at a glance. Which people in your company normally deal with them? Do they have open accounts, support tickets or opportunities? What recent communication has there been and what does the sales history look like.
  • Automate call logging in CRM – Phone Integration: Any call made or received can be logged automatically in the CRM. The activity is time and date stamped and stored in CRM automatically against the customer. Automatic call logging requires no extra effort from the salesperson. Everything is taken care of automatically meaning nothing will be forgotten or entered in the CRM incorrectly. Includes click to call straight out of CRM.
  • Easy email marketing: Tall Emu CRM features powerful email marketing capabilities that lets you design email campaigns based on templates created by us, you, or your own preferred agency. It’s powerful, allowing you to quickly send thousands of emails, yet inexpensive to operate. Reports on email activity pulled back into the CRM contact records automatically.
  • Get paid faster: Our powerful automation solution includes automated invoice reminders sent from your CRM directly to your clients. Asking people to pay their account works – take this repetitive task away from your team and have the system do it for you, saving time and money and ensuring it is done.
  • Smart & fast proposal creation: Automate Proposal & Quote Creation in MS Word Mail Merge – Dynamically populated Word Proposals. Writing Proposals is a tedious task so it makes sense to create a template and change the bits that are relevant to the sales opportunity and customer’s needs.
  • Follow up every lead: Make the most of your valuable sales leads with Tall Emu CRM. Our powerful automation tools let you schedule rule-based follow up of your sales leads, including emails sent directly to the lead on a drip-feed, or reminding your sales team to follow up (including automatically scheduling calls).
  • Set up targets and KPI reports in 5 minutes: Set targets in CRM over any element of your business – sales, operations, telemarketing, number of calls – you name it, it can be done. More importantly – it can be done by you, in just a few minutes – and be scheduled to be sent to your inbox on your schedule.

Why use this app?

  • We can fill your CRM with the Data already entered into Reckon. Saving on Data Entry and giving you the financial history to every customer.
  • As CRM look after activity that leads to a sale or a quote then you get a bigger picture of the relationship with your customer.
  • All activities with leads, customers and supplies are in one system.
  • You can do reporting on your customer that includes actual sales data from your reckon accounts and CRM data in one report.
  • Using your reckon data you can segment your customers in the CRM based on Life time Value, what they have bought and how well they pay (or not) like credit score them.
  • CRM has a powerful work flow that allows you to set up reminders and trigger based on certain criteria. This can use data from your accounting system

Who is it for?
Business that have a lot of interactions be it sales or pre sales activities. Business that want to work smarter, track everything and where possible automate how they work. Tall Emu CRM is flexible enough to work for any industry or business model.

What type of data is shared between the app and Reckon?

  • Products
  • Pricing
  • Payments
  • Invoices
  • Sales orders

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