Document management and
customer communication software

Used by 590k people sharing 2.5 million documents across 110 countries.

Effortlessly manage and share your documents

Radically boost productivity

Access all your documents securely online, automatic inbound and outbound filing, audit trails, workflow efficiencies and much more.

Transform customer communication

Send documents to customers, collaborate with them online, allow customer digital sign-off, and see a full audit trail in a highly secure environment.

Third party integration

We connect straight out of the box with some of the worlds leading practice management, sales, CRM and back-office systems. Explore our integrations.

“Virtual Cabinet stood out because it was simply the best looking product on the market.”

– Richard White, Larking Gowen Chartered Accountants

The average employee spends 400 hours each year
searching for files

The benefits of implementing a top quality document management system are enormous.

80% reduction

in turnaround time when electronic signatures are used with customers.
~ Ombud

25% of misplaced

documents will never be located without a document management system.
~ Datapro/Gartner Group

40% savings

in document-related costs estimated with a document management system.
~ Gartner

83% of workers

waste time every day on version management issues which can be immediately improved on.
~ Harris Interactive

“We use Virtual Cabinet to share documents for review, approval & lodgement which is much faster and easier to track than paper documents or emails.”

– Alisha Lever, Lever Business Accountants

Some of the many ways our software
will change your business

Accept digital signatures

Let clients sign documents to significantly reduce document turnaround time and efficiency. No more printing out PDF’s – your clients will love you for it.

Track documents after sending

See if your file is viewed, actioned or downloaded in real-time, and set up alerts. Invaluable insights to improve your communication strategy.

All your files in one place

Create, save and edit documents all in the same place; and ensure your team is always working on the latest version.

Automatic filing

Email attachments and client-related documents from your practice management system are automatically sorted and stored. No more manual filing!

Document retraction

Oh no! Just sent the wrong document? With Virtual Cabinet you can simply retract it before it’s seen – no harm done.

Industry standard security

AES-256 bit encryption and multi-layered security ensures your data is protected. Documents are held in an environment only the recipient can gain access, so more secure than email.

Audited document ownership

Our end-to-end audit process means every document’s history is visible, with clear ownership information back to users.

Powerful searches

So you can find that elusive client file with ease (including searching the content of the actual document), and access all your documents from outside of the office.

Customised to your needs

Our software is highly customisable, with a large range of integrations, so you can be sure it will be just right for your business.

Fast document scanning

Scan from one of our recommended high-speed production scanners or seamlessly integrate with your existing multi-function devices.

Easy file distribution

Fast, audited distribution of daily documents, which can be dragged and dropped into other in-trays with ‘sticky notes’ added for comments.

Use on multiple devices

Access your documents from your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.

“Virtual Cabinet has helped us maintain ‘a single source of truth’ for client documentation and reduce the number of documents being lost in legacy systems.”

– Tanya Whidborne, Pitcher Partners

Millions of documents. Thousands of users.

We’re more than just a document management system.
Securely share, and digitally sign documents with your clients on our Portal.

Documents published on our Portal

People using our Portal

Countries where our Portal is used

“In 85-90% of cases, we are starting to see faster turnaround times.
We will send a document to the client in the morning, and by the afternoon we have sign off.”

– Paul Miller, Cornish Accounting Systems

Hear directly from our customers

See how Virtual Cabinet has transformed the lives of professionals around the world.

“We can’t imagine life without Virtual Cabinet. It would be a backward step.
It’s not the future; it’s what’s happening now.”

– Robert Dellow, Atkins Thomson

More customer love

The security element was obviously number one for us, we did not want to be uploading documents into a cloud environment that could be hacked. We would not store our client data in Virtual Cabinet if we did not have complete faith in the system.

Richard White

Larking Gowen Chartered Accountants

We have found support to be very effective and highly responsive. Reckon have found a happy mix between being sufficiently resourced to deal with any problem, but small enough for us to know them on a first name basis.

Shaun Mary

Lovewell Blake

The VC team clearly had an enormous amount of experience integrating with other systems. Their offer ticked all the boxes and it was reassuring to know that they already had many satisfied customers from the ranks of the top-100 intermediaries and smaller firms too.

Mike Anderson

Clear Insurance Management

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