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System Status


ATO Status

Current Status: All Systems Operational

Recent Updates

  • Scheduled ATO SBR Maintenance
    • Scheduled Start: 23:00 AEST on 14 April 2018
    • Scheduled End: 03:00 AEST on 16 April 2018
    • Service Restored 11:00 AEST on 16 April 2018
  • Unscheduled ATO SBR Outage
    • 15:00 AEST on 12 April 2018  AEST
  • Scheduled ATO SBR Maintenance
    • Scheduled Start:23:30 AEST on 06 April 2018
    • Scheduled End: 07:00 AEST on 09 April 2018
    • Service Restored 09:30 AEST on 10 April 2018


Intermittent ATO gateway issues (KB# 18315)

We are also aware that there have been some intermittent issues with the ATO gateway. When lodging, you may receive this message

“Error – No response from the ATO was received This could be a temporary issue with the PLS service. Please wait a few minutes and try again. If the problem persists, please check the following website for any outages, or contact support for further help”

This error indicates that there are either internet connectivity issues, or that the ATO services are experiencing issues

Auskey issues   ( KB# 17988 )  

We have had several users report receiving the following error during lodgement of the individual return:

“CMN.ATO.AUTH.007 – You do not have the correct permission to submit this request or retrieve this file. This is an issue caused by the default AUSkey permissions set by the ATO.”

Fix: To correct this issue, users must log into the ATO access manager website, go to ‘Access and Permissions’ and ensure the 2 tick boxes for Individual tax returns are ticked for each credential.

Known issues

The following Knowledge Base articles below detail all issues we are currently aware of and includes the status and resolution steps, or where a resolution is yet to be provided, any available workaround. This includes updates on issues in the APS software as well as problems we are aware of with ATO systems.


Visit the APS Tax Knowledge base to keep up to date with known issues and workarounds

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APS Tax Manager and Elite Forms

For users of Tax Manager and Elite Forms, visit the knowledge base for a list of known issues and workarounds

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